An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Tango Quickie Wheelchair for sale   the one for sale is blue  more 

The wheelchair with a difference.                                                      The car with a difference is here.

Differences actually, with safety emphasis.

It can be seen in Ross-on-Wye 15 miles south of Hereford                                                                           £845                          

Prices shown for two pictured wheelchairs here

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((((((((((  New Kerb Climber (our's doesn't) model.  Hence lower price.   )))))))))))))))

Optional extra

The new aspects of the chair 

There are adjustable leg supports.

There is a protective strong frame around the occupant's legs.

People are so selfish and barge through doorways etc just as you have reached them.

The orange device is fully visible and is unique.

Invalids' feet and legs are vulnerable.  NOT with this device.

Everything is fully adjustable


And here is how.  You have seen the adjustable leg supports.

There is another protective bar for entry to any wheelchair assisted vehicle - WAV

And there's more !

Daycare groups include ball-throwing and similar games which can endanger vulnerable feet and legs.

This device prevents that.

Daycare groups include painting, drawing, and of course - eating.  The sliding tray offers full flexibility.

Such activities occur, of course, at home.

When the top tray is full of art etc materials, there is a lower tray to keep the scissors etc.

The shopping tray is useful with the wheelchair-car.

Those supermarket devices are more threatening.

More fun

RO55 = ROSS -on-Wye               TDH = Teresa D Harrison

It's a real reg number - here

We had a Triumph Herald 

Image result for triumph herald images

and this had helped Teresa's dementia.

You can turn it into your memories.

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                     Good luck from Prof Alan F Harrison -31 July 2017