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Fiat Doblo Up-Front MyLife Multijet 1.6 litre  turbo diesel WAV

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There’s nothing else like it anywhere.  This is a roomy, good-looking accessible vehicle where the wheelchair-user can – finally – both get into, and sit in, the front of the car And all this is within the fantastic environment of the Fiat Doblò Up-Front version.

The few other up-front vehicles on the market are accessed from the rear, which means losing or limiting your rear seats and boot space (seriously restricting how you can use your Doblo car). But there’s just no compromise with the InFront Doblò!

Now you the disabled passenger can enjoy all the features you choose for your fantastic car — like adjusting the radio and the air-con/heater to your tastes. You get an unrestricted view ahead (making the most of the Doblò’s huge windscreen) and it’s so easy to chat to the driver.

Thanks to this unique patented conversion, no longer does your driver have the  hassle of having to unload and reload all your luggage (twice) every time you make a comfort stop. And anyone helping you into the car no longer has to squat-shuffle their way through the vehicle interior to reach the front.  The website author is 6 feet tall and wore a padded cap before buying this car.

Read on to see how all the advantages are achieved.

                   The car for you and your caree.

                Focus on the split to the lower left of the rear                   door handle.  It's the main cut made to the                         original car.

   (((((((((((( better pic to go in - one of yours ))))))))))))))))

           Almost in. Plenty of room left for feet.

                                                             The hooks lock onto the rear of the wheelchair. 

                                                             You can see one of the two front locks on the slippered foot above.



                              Conventional rear entry cars

They need more length with the ramp which, when returned, . . . . . . . .>

They seldom give access for the disabled passenger to be next to the driver.

A much larger car is needed if the disabled passenger is to travel between the second row of seats.  

Some smaller cars include a channel to take the disabled passenger to the front.  The biggest problem is when you go away.  There's much less space for luggage and it needs to come out when, on a journey,  the passenger needs the WC etc.  Arrive, clear the luggage, remove the passenger, return luggage, After all done, repeat the process in reverse before moving off.

     . . . .generally blocks the rear view.

            Easily accomplished.

            Why cut the passenger off?

            The car for sale has not been modified from
            where the back seats start.  A huge boot, to boot.

  • Cloth Interior
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electric Front Windows
  • Radio CD Player
  • Electric Door Mirrors
  • Remote Central Locking
  • All Round Airbags
  • ISO Fix - Child Safety
  • Tyre Inflation Kit
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Roof Bars


      Fuel  -  Diesel


This is better as the impact pic as all others are boring side views of cars.

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                                                  Ideal for couples or friends who want to sit together

                                                  Gives the disabled passenger access to radio, air-con, full view from the front 

                                                  Taller helpers don't bang their head.
                                                  Disabled passengers who get car-sick in the back - don't.
                                                  Ideal for the von Trapp family 

                                                  With up to 3,200 litres inside, you might almost listen out for the echo.

                                                   Plus there’s masses of interior storage


                                                   Side-entry Upfront cars are rare.

                                               Convert that to advantage

                                                    Buy this car, of course!

                 Good luck from Prof Alan F Harrison -31 July 2017