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It's a Bongo Ford Freda                                                      £4845

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The page is written for those new to Bongoland.  Anyone with more experience reading inappropriate text please make contact.

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0  Basic info

1  The van and front seats

2  Inside the van

3  Also included

4  The seat frame

5  The mileage

6  More points to note

Basic info

                The van                                 Location and Contact etc

Mazda Bongo with Ford engine
Ford Freda
Second hand
 934899999999999348999 93489 9
 miles       see 5 below
Engine Size 
2490 cc
5 metres
2 metres
2.08 metres
Registration Number 
The van is in Ross-on-Wye 15 miles south of Hereford

For contact please use

                                             07952 060 505

The van has a Ford badge due to being unusual and having a Ford engine.  It's worth having as parts are much easier to find in the UK.  

The DVLA info shown below in Item 6 does not recognise it is an imported Mazda and DVLA put an N Reg on it. The V5 Reg doc shows first Reg 01 07 1996 and first Reg in UK as 2006.

Within the Bongo World it is known as a Ford Freda.

It's still a Mazda Bongo.

1  The van and front seats

2       Inside the van

               Cable to attach to radio, phone etc.

The table can be used free-standing outside.


            A lead comes down from a solar panel to 
            charge the leisure battery.  The lead is 
            normally out of sight.

            Good cupboard space and includes the sink                       water container.  More cupboards to the rear.

                    Two-burner hob.  
                    The table rail is shown under.

                      The sink-hob surface continues to a 
                      double 13 amp socket and light.

             There's another light above the rear seat/bed.

              Seats (for 2 and belted) all down give a                                comfortable bed.

              Cupboard for drink, clock etc.

             Curious radio/CD player - ALSO DVDs.

             Perhaps connects to satnav & phone.

             Also cable with jackplug for Ipad, phone etc.

             Independent switch = listen & no ignition on.


               Seat-back folds forward with storage space                        underneath.

                 Pull bed-front down for more storage.

                    Two of four boxes and plenty of 
                    side spaces.

                      More boxes and side places at the rear.

                      See  plastic emerging from 
                      lower right corner.

                They are "figure of eight" strips used to 
                attach an awning to the van side. more

3      Also included

            Used here to demonstrate the length 
            of the lower cupboard where electric
            cable etc is stored.

             In-date fire extinguisher.

             Gas cylinder in cupboard above.

             Cupboard not shown.




4  The seat frame

                                   The seat frame is rust-free and can be removed to give a spacious van.

                                    The seat-back is shown but is easily taken off.

5.   Mileage

                                                                                      Update 29 April 2018     


                                                         150456 kilometres are rounded to 93489 miles.  

                                                                                Abso  nothing for a Bongo! 

                                                     The mileage travelled data is shown in kilometres.

                                                                      Odometer or Speedo is shown in mph.



6  More points to note

  1. Various documents relating to the van history are included

  2. They include the latest MoT which expires on 3 Feb 2019

  3. They include an invoice relating to a new cam belt on 30 April 2012.  Odometer then = 101957 kilometers          = 63353 miles.  As shown previously, the reading is 93489 miles.  
    .  By that reckoning, the cam belt needs changing after the van has done another 29936 miles.

  4. Another invoice dated 2 2 2018 shows that the cooling system for the engine has been overhauled.

  5. The wheel arches are doubtful in some Bongos.  Those on this one are in fine fettle.
  7. The spare wheel is under the rear of the van.  All tools are under the side entrance of the van.

  8. It is well worth joining the Bongo Fury Club - more

  9. Number-plate here  here

  10. When reading adverts beware of the imported year being used versus the year of manufacture.

  11. Also beware of miles-done claims on an old vehicle.

  12. Boxes inside van not included.

  13. For contact please use

  14. 07952 060 505

DVLA data
  • Vehicle make:FORD
  • Date of first registration:September 2006
  • Year of manufacture:1996
  • Cylinder capacity (cc):2490 cc
  • CO₂Emissions:0 g/km
  • Fuel type:DIESEL
  • Export marker:No
  • Vehicle status:Tax not due
  • Vehicle colour:GREEN
  • Vehicle type approval:Not available
  • Wheelplan:2 AXLE RIGID BODY

DVLA source  Enter   N735TDW     

See Basic Facts above re Vehicle make - Ford.  Also Date of first registration

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