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This website begins by demonstrating the attributes of the unpaid carer.  However, the less-than-joyful aspects confirm the need for such a site.   

The website provides a greater understanding of the carer role in the public mind.


 The site is a database for finding red-text                     solutions 



The website provides a resource base for carers.  It enables carers and anyone else who has anything to say, to contribute to its content. 

Many carers at the start probably get on with the role and take no action to obtain help and advice.  When it becomes more difficult, they begin to assess what is involved.  A typical opinion is that provision and regulations are all a jungle.


The range of provision and regulations is set out in easy-to-find format.  The emphasis throughout is on resources.


Carer and caree stories are included at relevant points and many of them express the words in red text in the top graphic. Readers are encouraged to contribute their own stories in context. 


Carer rights are a key feature of the website.   

7 posted into your browser takes you to a entirely different perspective of carer and caree life.

Let it be contagious.



Alan F Harrison (Prof)




Site created 20 Sept 2013 and updates are here  

A carer within the

retired variety.

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