An exploration of the UK carer world

The caree see here      always in the presence of the carer - sometimes undistinguished


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You've know Enid (hands to face) above quite well now.  Of those already met, they could all be carees in different circumstances.  Yes, even the young ones.


Write about these people as you may know them, as new cases or more on those with partial stories. Item 7 here


We'll begin with the young caree here

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Home Care Charges

If they can do it why not every Council?

Council unveils plan to scrap home care charges Home care charges for people with disabilities are due to be abolished in Hammersmith and Fulham in London as a result of planned budget cuts to other council departments. The decision will mark the end of a difficult battle for local disability campaigners, who have campaigned for eight years to see 'tax on disability' abolished. Community Care  more

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Diary of a young carer:  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((16 oct)))))))))))))))))))))))))

7am- I've just woken up, I'm so tired I hardly slept at all from worrying, I just don't know what my mum's going to do, she's been off work ill for 7 months now.

7.30- I'm getting mum's tablets for her, she doesn't get up until midday at least so I take them to her. Making cup of tea and weetabix because it's the fastest thing to eat.

7.45- I'm getting changed and making my hair look decent (tie it up). Getting school stuff ready and walking to meet friends at 8.10

8.20- just got to my friends; late again. I usually am because mum wants something just as I'm leaving. Now we're practically running, I feel bad that they insist on waiting for me everyday even though it could make them late.

4.20pm- just walked home from school. Had a terrible day - headache because I'm so tired, couldn't concentrate on anything, then had to stay for revision because my exam's tomorrow. I don't feel confident for it at all. When I get home from school mums back asleep, she's been up for a couple of hours but she has to go back to sleep because she's so tired.

6.00- I've been asleep in my room, mum gets better quality sleep in the day so I don't make noise to wake her so she can rest. But she needs her 6 o'clock tablets so I wake her.

6.30- after having a chat to her because she doesn't see anyone all day unless my nan comes round, I make omlettes for tea. I can't cook anything else so I'm lucky she likes them.

9pm- mums only been watching TV and on her laptop, that's what she likes to do. I get her 9 o'clock tablets for her and her sleeping tablet. Once she takes her sleeping tablet she has to go straight to be but she doesn't make it that simple.

11pm- after taking her tablet an hour ago I've finally got her into bed. Now I start trying to get to sleep but I know I won't be able to, I never can.

2am- I'm still not asleep and I can hear mum in the kitchen doing something ridiculous like clearing out a cupboard.

2.30am- I've just got her back to bed. Looks like tomorrow's going to be another stressful and extremely tiring day!