An exploration of the UK carer world

The young caree

Meet the new people   Jack on the left and Jimmy on the right.   Matt, the fifteen-year old in the middle has been a carer for four years and has watched his younger brother's (Jimmy's) sad decline.


Matt has a girl-friend Mary (playing peep-bo with Jimmy and next to him - second on the right) he (Matt) can talk to.  


Here's an unexpected topic.  Some readers might react unfavourably to the idea of Jimmy being a carer.  Apparently carers can be as young as four years.  The picture above illustrates the obvious problem.  How do children so young cope with the role?  



Is five the right age to start as a carer? It's official here.


Write about these people as new cases or more on those with partial stories. Item 7 here.


The charity 'Together for Short Lives' website here is worth exploring - more


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