An exploration of the UK carer world

Government          No coloured panels in case they are misinterpreted!   

  1. National strategy here.  

  2. Politics start here

  3. Department of Health 

  4. Publications such as this rare useful-to-us example  Supporting working carers  feedback welcomed.

  5. Direct Gov or here

  6. Directgov was the British government's digital service for people in the United Kingdom, which provided a single point of access to public sector information and services. The site was replaced along with the Business Link website by the new website on 17 October 2012, with the old websites redirecting to the new.  source   

  7. It's a large site so look at Disabled people.

  8. Includes carers, your rights, benefits and the Equality Act.

  9. Improving quality of life for people with long term conditions here.

  10. Social care here.

  11. Care Bill here.

  12. Older People's Commissioner England here. Wales here. Scotland here.  Northern Ireland here.

  13. Young carers here.

  14. Bought health here.

  15. Leeds University 2007 - carers save the state £87 to £119 billion a year here.  £119 billion here.

  16. Carers aged 60 or over who care for a minimum of 35 hours per week, are eligible to apply for a grant of up to   
    £200 to help pay towards respite from their caring role. here  ((((But is it more widely available?)))
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