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 "The cared for" - ?


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Can't we do better than phrases like "the person I/we/they care for", "the cared-for", and "the person receiving the care" ?   We can't keep referring to "the/my/your loved one" and similar phrases.

What is a better name for perhaps the logical  - caree?  
Within a long list of terms, the "carer" is defined.  No mention of the person being cared for in the list  here. Yet more here where "person" and "people" are emphasised but no mention of what we are interested in.  Explore here   Take your pick here.   
Other aspects of this discussion might include the types of caree in the context of  hospice provision.  Those who use the service may have special provision for the carer.  The hospice staff correctly deal with "patients".  This website uses the term  "caree" until the right term is presented. 


Update 21 May 2016


The term is creeping into UK jargon. more here

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