An exploration of the UK carer world                         ihappy landings            

jubilation!  you may need http:  in front

Type into the browser of any computer which hasn't stored this site.  That may be in the public library or when you visit someone.  Send the link    in an email.     When phoning, just ask that they type the link into the browser.                                                 

  1. It's easy to remember.  It's much better than what you need otherwise - 

  2. Try it after opening a new tab

  3. With the new URL, you can be at a computer which knows nothing of the site

  4. It's easily passed onto family and friends.

  5. Why? - 1   The more it is used the sooner it reaches Google etc.  

  6. Why? - 2    The more the new URL is used the sooner it reaches the parts ..  which other websites don't reach

  7. The "parts .." are participants.  Participants in the carer world.are scattered all over this website      

  8. Why? - 3   The more the new URL is used the sooner it gives a wider public understanding of what caring means in our context.

  9. If nothing else, members of the general public who aren't unpaid carers today will have a wider appreciation of what may be heading their way tomorrow.    


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