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Update 26 Sept 2016

There have been so many new pages since 2015 that it's best to look at the Updates page.

There's plenty about The Care Bill but the Care Act is not so well covered.   

The future of successful dementia care relies on how many readers respond to 

A DIY Dementia Meeting Centre for your local community here


Your opportunity to participate in the future of UK Dementia Meeting Centres  here.

  1. Privately-sourced website
  2. Limitations
  3. The header graphic
  4. Intra-page referencing
  5. No political colours
  6. Retired carers
  7. Computer enthusiasts only

1   Privately-sourced website

It is a private, unfunded and experimental site.  One of these sites costs about £5 per year so it's limited in scope.

Using a bread analogy, 
  1. a lot of loaves have been baked
  2. the aim is for readers to imagine the aroma of freshly baked bread
  3. a few racks are empty - i.e. in reserve and to be announced
  4. the further aim is for readers to imagine the aroma of freshly baked bread yet to appear!
  5. secure your place in the shop window.  Bakers needed here.
The practical aim is to provide a framework for things seen and to come.

The site may well not be searchable if "carer world" etc is put into Google etc.  more

A very important goal is that this site is for carers by carers.  Your stories are vital to its success.

A lot of the action takes place in Herefordshire.  

2    Limitations

Looking at the the top nav panel, the section titles have been chosen to fit the space available. As you see below, not many are on view. When all are on view, the top nav panel is rather crowded.  

Already, some titles need explanation, hence the Overview page.  The numbers help keep order and indicate that there is a page numbering system. 

3   The header graphic

Within the "site-builder", the top graphic here appears on every page until it is changed.   That means that if it appears on a few pages, they take the introductory theme further (or they await a suitable graphic).   In 2015, a problem occured that gave the default header to every page.  Gradually, they are being changed.

4   Intra-page referencing

The contents of many pages are internally numbered so that it's easy to refer to a component when writing an essay, thesis or emailing etc. 

Good examples are:  

     Who is a carer? here 
     Young carers here
     The right to die here.
     Carers Rights Day 29 November 2013 here.
     An example of a page which doesn't start with a neat list but is more like a numbered long paragraph is here.  

     The NHS is numbered and hammered here.  

      List of Acts and other resources here.

More unusually, the list is date-based to keep up with The Times here.


If your mouse is your other caree, don't direct to it to a handy list of newspaper links here.

All pages are hoped to be emailers' and researchers' dreams!

5   No political colours

Some pages use different colours to help avoid the monotony.  They are in the top nav panel.  Gov is not so coloured.

6   Retired carers

Due to the group  in which the author has placed himself (foot of Intro page here), the website includes mainly resources useful to retired carers.  The range of pages useful across the full range of carers increases as time passes.

7    Computer enthusiasts only

Further to "One of these sites costs about £5 per year so it's limited in scope.", computer enthusiasts only might like more here.

Overview here.

page top here