An exploration of the UK carer world

The aims                 putting the Carer World website in your hands 

of this website                              

  1. As has been seen from the previous page, the site aims to serve the unpaid carer.  In that case, prepare for the unexpected.

  2. As has been seen from the title, the site aims to provide a broad range of information of use those in the carer world.

  3. As will be discussed, the carer world has its fair share of those in their third age.  Many of them will suffer from failing eyesight. Since so many websites are set up with text of this size, this website aims to keep text legible.

  4. The aims include the notion of putting the carer world into the hands of everyone in it.  They are able to contribute from the start. A website with public ownership by everyone's contribution.

  5. And that continues re the general public.  The case for a better understanding of the role of the unpaid carer is presented.

  6. The provision of resources is a prime aim.  Select your jigsaw pieces from this one-stop shop to create your own carer world jigsaw.  Send in other pieces of your own design to help fulfill No. 7.

  7. The provision to comment on or ask questions relating to the website is important

  8. The ability to refer to a specific component, theme or idea on any page is important.  To that end, many pages are set out in the manner of this page. Better still, like this.

  9. When all things are considered, it's important to relax and unwind.  The website aims to make things hum.

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