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email sent 24 March

There is a possible 1% participant reminiscence benefit in welcoming them with a 1950s church jumble sale cash/ticket desk.

However, Leominster or Droitwich staff would not  dream of repeating it today.

The former experience at times, twenty eight people in the room. Someone goes round quietly collecting the cash.

I was also disappointed to arrive at 3 and find Teresa on her own while there was a discussion at the end of the room. The whole point of her being there is for social interaction.  Sam the £75/day carer is quite capable of moving Teresa.

There are plenty of books at home and masses of other activities she can participate in.  We attended church for almost a year and every time asked for a large-print prayer book.  If books are the only resource, then please note.

It will take time to settle in, but more volunteers than participants is not advised.

I am glad you have been able to reorganise your diary, when, previously, you were unable to take on a role in DMC operation etc.

Volunteers have said they will not work with me.  I have started autism therapy and the therapist would like to accompany me on my first visit to the DMC when I am able to make a decision to start attending.  However, will volunteers agree to my attendance in the long term?


I cannot continue longer than a month using  Sam the £75/day carer.  If 7 is negative, and if Teresa is to continue attending, then please consider a DMC person to assume responsibility for Teresa's personal care.  If that is my preference, Sheila is the only one who could assist.


What are you doing about the comments made by Mrs Fresson?  These centre on the Christ Church inability to apply  "Love thy neighbour" and "We forgive those ..."

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