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created 8 3 2017
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c 3 weeks ago,discussed overall DMC situation with GP during which I showed him the foot and the header of the page  ==  DMC situation December 2016 here.  Then came the news that I am autistic = Asperger's.  GP's main comment was that there is little wonder that the vicar is concerned about my involvement in the local DMC.

My position is that there has been no opportunity for discussion, mediation etc since December until recently.  However, at a meeting two weeks ago, there is no change in the CC attitude.


  1. No momentum
  2. Loss of sleep
  3. Is CC the best host?
  4. Dancing with disability
  5. Aspects of dementia
  6. The purpose of these insights
  7. No volunteers for DMC
  8. My investment
  9. Dancing With Dementia 
  10. Conclusion
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DC email 7 Jan 2017  here

In the hope of Asperger's  support - 28 Jan 2017  here   no return link      

Sent to the two on the APB who represent this but no reply.  

I was wrong - updated 6 April

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