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Holiday update 2 Aug 2017                                                                                                                                     hidden page 

Following my wife's death in April, the bungalow has been on the market for three weeks. Had hoped to move into town.

I have reached the stage where a much-needed break can occur.

You have my phone  number and email in a recent email.  Please use that email while I'm away.

This page will be updated rather than sending further emails as appropriate.

Bought the van in July and changed it to a white one two weeks ago.

I will leave on Friday/Saturday and head for Yorkshire for one or two days.

Next stop will be Edinburgh.  Unsure for how long.  Hope to return via Peebles for a night or two.

Probably best to text me as don't know when my Ipad will be used.

Best wishes


Needed to find email addresses for some recipients.  If one checks one's library/list for the first time, it's amazingly long.  

Hundreds beginning with "info",  "sales" etc.  One doesn't realise just how many addresses arrive from lengthy circulation lists.

Also how many people you have lost touch with.

And how many you are glad to have lost touch with!

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