An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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The info here is in draft and will be edited and presented as a printed Word doc. 

Normal email ops from this PC imposible so cannot send draft Word doc.

Page under construction

E = the organisation  CD = the dept  DH, AFH - see email

Those involved
  1. Document prepared by DH and AFH. 

  2. DH is an occasional volunteer.  

  3. AFH is an occasional user of CD.  

  4. Client  - user of E as someone the service is benefiting/has benefited in the context of personal development. 

  5. PE who has been a client is the manager.

  6. B is still a client and is the main worker within CD.  

  7. N is still a client and is a reliable worker within CD.

  8. SH assists P with admin (true?)  and organises(?) some clients

  9. To decide who above is relevant for this list 

  10. Others to be listed?

The document will be addressed to the E Chair of Trustees (CoT) with the aim of taking stock of the situation with the aim of its improvement.

At present, there are no £ figures.  DH and AFH do not have access and it is doubtful about change


  1. PE runs E in the present.   Administration - good
  2. While there are aspects which can be improved, the main aim is to improve PE's vision of the future.
The topics addressed are:

1  The present
  1. The clients
  2. Personel
  3. Volunteers
  4. Premises
  5. CD
  6. The Joinery Works here
  7. The shop
  8. Stock
  9. The reCycle shop
  10. Spread Our Wings here
  11. Other departments
  12. Finance
  13. The public view
  14. Stagnation
  15. Action plan
  16. Component audits

2  The future

To be covered under relevant previous headings and others.

Synopsis end.


Provisional notes  - Mainly about the present and including the future

                                 The topics are not numbered as the numbers may change.

The clients

To be listed by name:

HS - bird seed project
2 book girls
B is still a client and is the main worker within CD.  
N is still a client and is a reliable worker within CD.
Both are ready for paid employment elsewhere.
However, CD would need to close down without B and to a lesser extent without N

A special topic for consideration is the supply of uniforms.  Clients and personnel would feel part of the org much more.



ie paid 

PE, SH, others paid? ...... to develop text.  Much of the doc will address this.

SH is ready for paid employment elsewhere.

A special topic for consideration is the supply of uniforms.  Clients and personnel would feel part of the org much more.


DH needs a formal role in order to ask questions etc.
Much of the doc will address this.

B? - bikes
PC - pews + 2 others
D? - books
P? - shop
AF - overlaps with AC charity
BC, DW - recycling
J? - potential client manager/developer?
B? & C? - IT
S? Monday driver

Vols needed for
  1. Client care/development
  2. Future funding acquisition
  3. Project management - inc finding new projects
  4. Resource management inc stock rotation
  5. Further input into website eg competitions, quizzes
  6. PR


The future?
risk assessment - current?
fire escape today?


Analyse the costs v revenue

           individual jobs  --  There needs to be a coherent pricing structure.
           equipment used
           equipment needed

Analyse clients on the team in terms of present and future skills and levels.

Consider a bonus scheme for merit, tenacity etc.

DH needs a formal role in order to ask questions, organise the work (which S should be doing) etc.

DH carries out estimates which SH should be doing.


Also cost-benefit analysis

      E benefit - overall

The Joinery Works 

The shop

PE (or SH if to retain 'organising' role) and ANother (security - not strong-arm but two people at any one time) to man the office.

All others to move to the meeting room for chatting/ beverages etc.

Both rooms to show duty rotas for the office.

Regular stock-taking needed.  Better room-theming. 

Are sold items recorded?

       by group?
       by day?
       by client, vol, personnel?
       by purchaser - to determine clientele grouping - training needed?





  how much is spent by dumping?

Spread Our Wings (SoW)


Other departments
To identify

The website

Difficult to  locate specifics such as most on this list.

Blog section?

Pages like SoW here and Home page here

     break up into smaller paragraphs

     use bullet-points and other devices

SoW not on nav bar.

Who logs in?

Facebook here  - is there a link to main site and vice versa?


DH needs a formal role in order to ask questions etc.

The public view

No survey yet.  The public may consider E a ramshackle, disorganised outfit.  If so, that needs to be addressed and edit text here.

A special topic for consideration is the supply of uniforms.  Clients and personnel would look part of the org much more.


A major part of the doc drawing from comments ets thus far.

Action plans

Obviously, a major part of discussion of the future.

A broad AP is envisaged leading to specific APs.  

If nowhere else, it's an opp to involve CoT and his crew.  

Component audits

Audit means scrutiny. Coordination and time is required when the manager's plate is often already full. There are concerns about the outcome and its effect on the team and current work.  The solution to overcome this apprehension is proper planning and preparation. 

Clip-boards and formal in-office interviews are out re B and N and similar clients.  However, SH should be put through the mill with two interviewers.  He, as with all involved, should be told in plenty of time what the/their procedure will be.  

It is proposed to start with CD.  If SH is officially the CD project manager he will declare that his plate is already full. He probably knows that he is percieved as being useless and that he wrongly thinks how well he is doing.  Those involved might state within the audit process that, if he is to remain, he should get his hands dirty.  In their plain language they may well say "Sack him".

Additional question

I would like to take AF of AC into our confidence.  She has a lot to offer this project.

What do you think?  


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