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Update December 2018

Having left Ross-on-Wye in June,  I now live in Charlbury, near Oxford.  The Ross DMC continues.

Update 22 3 2017

The Ross Gazette front-page story publicises the first morning of operation today of the Ross DMC 

8 February

Full steam ahead for the new Ross Dementia Centre  - Ross Gazette  here.  

6 February


There will be an open afternoon on Wednesday 15th March between 2pm and 4pm at Christ Church as a drop-in venue for potential participants to meet the volunteers and learn a lot more.  They will be able to answer your questions and comments arising from this website.  We look forward to meeting you.  Volunteers receive equal welcome. more  Those with healthcare experience and others who can perform, entertain, and contribute in the dementia therapy context are equally welcome. 


Mental health and wellbeing priorities here in the context of Update 30 January 2017, item 2

This is all very vague and I am not speaking in the context of the Ross Mental Health Steering Group membership. The links move to general and not mental health considerations most of the time.

30 January 2017


Concerns raised for the hospital at the Ross-on-Wye roadshow reported in the Gazette here.

That was on the Gazette cover on 25 January.  Cuts to care services are detailed on page 4. Dementiai in detail is on page 11.


Meet members of the Ross on Wye Mental Health and Well-being Steering Group - MHSG, and others within the Ross DMC.  Please come along to find out more at The Prince of Wales Pub, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5AP for a 6pm start on the 8th February.  

More in the Gazette on Wednesday 1 April.  See it now here.


The start of a new social event in Ross-on-Wye for anyone who uses mental health services here. (Gazette staff say the website is problematic at present.)  Paula Thomas, who suffers from two painful health conditions, has also faced mental health issues herself, is a member of the MHSG which welcomes others who use mental health services.  

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                            Full steam ahead for the new Ross Dementia Centre  - Ross Gazette  here.  

                            New Ross DMC is getting ready to open - Ross Gazette - here 

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