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  1. Opportunities - provisional  - for volunteers  
  2. Catering
  3. Daily routine

       1  Opportunities - provisional  - for volunteers  

        Most opps will  need to be combined unless there's plenty of vols.

        Max ten carees with ten carers.  Be optimistic.

        These pages are written for readers interested in starting a DIY DMC.

        If you are at the planning stage or further, some aspects of this page do not apply.


  1. Volunteers participate in the DMC care process. They are a key part of the care  provision.  They learn the broad principles within and ethos of an international project to increase the numbers of DMCs.     

  2. Help the Leader and visiting specialists to run activities and/or run them themselves if able or once trained

  3. First aid

  4. Transport and parking

  5. Meeting/greeting - cloakroom - ensuring WCs are warm, clean and equipped

  6. Perhaps add or make separate - general tidiness of rooms etc during the day

  7. Seating

  8. Looking after equipment, collections, and art etc material

  9. Catering

  10. Notices and other internal comms  

  11. Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Treasurer.  It is not assumed that your group wants this type of formality.  Ignore such titles but not the functions.

  12. A title for the main person responsible needs discussion.  Not Manager.  Let's use Leader for the moment.

  13. The Secretary would maintain personal and equipment records.   Deal with general correspondence.

  14. Dealing with caree and carer records needs investigation.  Depends on being a properly constituted organisation.  No medical records requested.  Carees and carers will be asked for contact details.  If they volunteer information about themselves, they will have the choice regarding any record kept.  Offer This is me.

  15. The Publicity Secretary - obvious 

  16. The Treasurer would collect the meal money plus any for trips, transport etc.  To discuss the wider aspects.  Bank account?  Need to set up as a formal org as in 26.   

  17. The Leader would ensure Admin and Emergencies above are dealt with.  Someone with experience of risk assessment is needed.   

          2  Catering


        blue text to be considered for the press release - no numbers - other editing needed

  1. We will eat together every day; £4 per head will be pooled towards a shared meal

  2. The shared meal can be made by all working as a team, 

  3. or by a smaller number of participants

  4. After Day 1, if Items 3 or 5 are chosen, two carees and a vol might shop for the food as part of the day's activities

  5. Another way is to use outside resources such as take-away and phone ordering via a pub etc

  6. We will add £1 per head to cover unlimited hot and cold drink

  7. Any surplus will go towards the cost of art etc materials  

3    Daily routine

3.1  Timing and content        
  1. Start and finish are vital.  The rest of the day needs some flexibility.

  2. Arrival  of participants from 1040  - beverage available

  3. The time has been announced (in paperwork before arrival*) as 1100 and starts promptly at 1105 (need to see how that works)

  4. It ends promptly at 1445 due to members who are to be collected at 1500

  5. 1105 to 1120 - Phones  off (needs discussion before),  beverage and details re lunch

  6. 1120 to 1200 - first activity

  7. 1200 to 1220 - toilet break  -  beverage

  8. 1220 to 1300 - second activity - it could be making lunch

  9. 1300 to 1400 - lunch including clearing, washing up and WC

  10. 1400 to 1445 - third activity - probably sedentary - conclude with diary/log* and outline for next week

  11. 1445                 - hats and coats - -  reminder of programme for the next week

  12. 1500 - departure

  13. 1515 - 1530 - evaluation discussion
          See this again alongside the participant groups at 6.2 here

       * 5 & 19 - the plan is to provide (at cost) carers and independent carees** a thin A5 binder 

       **  8.5 here

3.2  Lunch - in outline

  1. We will eat together every day; £5  per head will be pooled towards a shared meal

  2. We have included £1 per head to cover unlimited hot and cold drink

  3. The shared meal can be made by all working as a team . . 

  4. or by a smaller number of members while others involved in the other part of first activity 

  5. After Day 1, if Items 3 or 5 are chosen, two carees and a vol might shop for the food as part of the day's activities.  two carees and a vol  needs discussion

  6. Another way is to use outside resources such as take-away including fish and chips

  7. Final method - delivered meal by previous look at menu online but it's more costly and messy to organise - perhaps in Week 4.

  8. Any surplus will go towards art etc materials - to add to  1.1.3   (Docs) For members - carers and carees

3.3  Day 1 

Vol = volunteer.  Plenty of time ahead to discuss with vols.  Perhaps they could visit Leom DMC.  Perhaps arrange a dummy-run at the host premises.  It will be emphasised that if vols are not fully confident, the Leader will run activities.  There are, however,  simple activities included here .  Practise at home if nec. 
  1.  Arrival  from 1040  - welcoming beverage made by smiling vols

  2.  Aim to start by 1115  (need to see how that works)

  3.  1115     Welcome by host-rep.  Leader - Safety drill.  Mobile phones off - to discuss before.  The project                               outlined in five minutes (they will have received an A5  binder - 3.1.19 containing main info                                   before arrival) - Qs later,  Outline the day ahead.

  4.  1125     Leader - Self-introductions - vols first - they give the formula for members who need one

  5.              Vols to have considered whether members find someone they don't know, get the essentials and they                then tell the group.  Perhaps sing "Getting to know you.".  Probably too early to introduce singing.                        Hum it?  Vols and leader start without warning?

  6.  1145    Vol 1 - Details re lunch.   Collect money - conclude with saying group prep -  will occur on                                      Day 2 - ask for suggestions.  Ideally the host or one of our vols will see to lunch on first day.

  7.  1205    Vol 2 - First activity - simple seated exercise to music.  Can use own method for music and  Leader is                        back-up.  Start with "All rise, walk about, change places and say hello to either side.".

  8.  1230       Leader or Activities Leader if appointed - The project - outline activities and meetings, feedback                            system, Q & A      

  9.  1250       WC and get ready for lunch  

  10.   1300       Lunch  -  will include vols and Leader speaking to members perceived to be                                                                 confused/wondering/wandering or who have raised questions earlier.

  11.   1400      Second activity - a vol.  Include 3.1.19.  Recommend that carers are ICE-d. Leader might need to be                        with members with Qs.

  12.   1450       hats and coats - -  reminder as to programme for next week

  13.  1500        departure

  14.  1515 - 1600 - evaluation discussion and arrange further discussion re honing prog for Day 2.

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