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 Have been talking to Mind about one-to-one sessions. Over six weeks, plenty of emails. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrh Sent one two days ago – what's happening? Reply – What is it that you want? 

On 01/07/2015 15:24, R'H wrote:

Dear Professor Harrison,


Please could you clarify what you are asking me?  Who are you waiting to hear from?


I hope you had a nice holiday with caree.


Kind Regards,


Email 1 July

Dear R'h

After checking opening hours, I used my respite time today to come to the office and find out why it takes so long. 

Closed.  I was not amused.

"It" is all in your emails + mine within.



end of email Double Grrrrrrrrh

Readers only need ask if many more examples are wanted. - in every quarter. Some are  here and car problems  here .