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This page follows the missed appointment on 24 March.. The page can be used again for others after changing the date and some of the detail.

This page saves me looking for an email when it needs the date and recipient changing.

The situation

My wife has onset dementia and I need to be with her most of the time.  Most of the office stuff is in the sitting room.

I have returned a computer to the study in order not disturb my wife.  That was no small operation.  I now need to put it all back in the sitting room.

Furthermore, a large and very heavy Apple Mac needed to be moved elsewhere and back again.

The future

If we make another appointment, please let me know in plenty of time so this rigmarole is not needed.   I will try to leave the moved laptop where it is for a few days.

The embryo site you will be working on is here.  It bears no resemblance to this website yet.  As you see, there are lots of technical points I need to clarify before you start.  It's not worth me having the answers until I have found someone reliable to do the work.

I am OK about a new date if you come up with a valid reason as to your non-appearance today.  

I am not happy re you not having your £ yet.

Work page here