An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world


What are the strengths and limitations?


  • Integration of care for the demented person and the informal carer, fitting their individual needs.

  • The clients visiting Meeting Centres show less depressive symptoms.

  • Caregivers visiting Meeting Centres experience more support and feel less burdened.

  • Admissions to nursing homes are postponed. 


  • Not every Meeting Centre receives structural funding. 

  • Dementia clients and their informal caregivers can only visit Meeting Centres when health insurance approval is present.  Note 1


  • Young people with Alzheimer’s disease generally do not visit day-care because of the high average age. These people do tend to visit Meeting Centres in community centres that are visited by people of all ages. 


  • Meeting Centres require cooperation from organisations and sectors that have possibly not yet worked together.

  • The surplus value of the Meeting Centres is not yet clear to everyone.  Note 2


Note 1

"health insurance approval is present." needs clarification.  UK DMCs are assumed to satisfy this criterion.

Note 2

Evaluation study due to be completed in Feb 2017.  

To add appropriate text meanwhile.

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