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20 June

Stigma here.  Stand by Me Training Resource here.

Client questionnaires

Researcher's Booklet - People with Dementia page 1 of 2 here.  It is about the questionnaires.

Researcher's Booklet - People with Dementia page 2 of 2 here.  It gives the caree's answers in absentia.

Researcher's Booklet - Carers here      First notification here  see Update 28 May. 

Satellite website

It goes into detail relating to and with links from the pages within the main body of pages below. here

The ADS section collects note for the proposed website promoting DMCs here.

First notification  New satellite website - 5 June here 

16 June

Text problems have occurred which means that many pages with more-than-simple layout have gone haywire. Most pages with a caption under the header graphic now skewiff  will take ages to correct. 

new pages

Page < 0 is the The New Dementia MCPs  - in a nutshell   page which introduces the Page 0 page

                                                                                                                         and gives the not-interested an opt-out opp

                                                                                                                         info below

                        It can be the basis of letters to the press and prospects including carers.

Page O is the Your opportunity to participate page     info below

Page X is the Your opportunity to participate page here  and is like the 0 page with notes.  It is not elaborated on this page.


                                                                    Satellite website here 

                                                                           Page links

                                           Intended for the target readership - to 8

< 0   

The new Dementia MCPs    -   in a nutshell

       The main benefits

       Based on succcess

       Help create a DMC in your area

       The hope is that you will read more. ie go to 0



         Your opportunity to participate  

  1. The author's strong belief 
  2. The main benefits
  3. Outstanding results
  4. Person-centred care 
  5. The here and now
  6. The future - your opportunity to participate

Page X is the same with notes but without the nutshell page link here.



Introduction here


MEETINGDEM  Overview page here


MEETINGDEM Glossary and Notes here

Dementia Meeting Centres - Operational Aspects here

SWOT here

Leominster D M C Programme June 2016 here                                                  in full.  Droitwich and Leominster summarised at 3                                                  below  
                      Link to Leominster Dementia Meeting                              Centre Home page here



Meeting Centres Support Programme - a 2006 study here
Arising from that page is a public page:
Alone  Home page here and follow the book link.

Links here

Intended for those involved in feedback

This series is a holding device here

Notes for feedback here


Contact   07952 606 505



1 Introduction 

1  Backs of envelopes forbidden

2  Anyone 1  old hands

3  Anyone 2   first-timers

4  Yours truly


   MEETINGDEM  Overview page 

  1. A compact and sign-posting approach
  2. Background
  3. The present
  4. Procedure and criteria relating to setting up a DMC
  5. The future

3    MEETINGDEM Glossary and Notes 

The notes are a version of footnotes which 

this software cannot handle like Google.


4    DMCs - Operational Aspects 

  1.  Preamble
  2.  Documents - The Guidebook, and advert for  Droitwich DMC Group Coordinator 
  3.  Comment not for public consumption




5    SWOT 

One of the strengths:

The clients visiting DMCs show fewer depressive symptoms.

One of the weaknesses:

Not every DMC receives structural funding.


   Leominster D M C Programme

From ten highlights:

  Remember that everyday can be tailored to suit you.

 “The Games People Play” Old and new games.

   Don’t forget that we can eat together - just £3.

   Plenty of gentle exercise.

   Planning workshop






7 Meeting Centres Support Programme - a 2006 study 

  1. Introduction
  2. Carer-characteristics of interest
  3. Outcomes for carers
  4. Outcomes for carees


8  Links

  1. Various
  2. Videos
  3. Public pages on this site giving background info

The first video is the most important for time-pressed viewers.

It demonstrates community-based services delivery within an evidence-based person-centred approach.


                                       Intended for those involved in feedback

                                                         to be removed thereafter

 This series is a holding device 

The author's plan is to use this site as a holding device while U of W peruses content and puts forward changes. 


10    Notes for feedback 

Set 1 - General

Set 2 - The Droitwich trailer

Set 3 - Leominster

Set 4   Lutterworth

Set 5   More of my feedback to U of W

Set 6   Forward - over to U of W

Set 7   Realism  from - - 16 June



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