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Although Dementia Meeting Centres - DMCs - are new in Britain, they have been established in The Netherlands for over ten years.

An edited 2006 multi-centre study describes aspects of interest to us.


  1. Introduction
  2. Carer-characteristics of interest
  3. Outcomes for carers
  4. Outcomes for carees

1   Introduction

  1. Because of the complex nature of the problems that carers of persons with dementia encounter, several comprehensive support programs for carers had been developed in the previous ten years.

  2. Using comparative techniques involving a carer group within existing services and another carer group within innovative services, it has been possible to point to the beneficial aspects of the latter.

  3. Assigning titles in the order described, we consider Group 1 [existing services] and Group 2 [innovative services]

2   Carer-characteristics of interest
  1. Indicators of burden (psychological and psychosomatic symptoms

  2. Feelings of burden and time between start of support and institutionalization of the persons with dementia) 

  3. Potential determinants of burden (sense of competence, coping strategies, experienced support, loneliness and the emotional impact of behaviour problems)

3    Outcomes for carers
  1.  82% experienced less burden and more professional support. After seven months 

  2.  Carers in Group 2 who felt lonely benefited significantly more than others in Group 1 in terms of psychological and psychosomatic symptoms.

4    Outcomes for carees

  1. Significantly fewer carees in Group 2 (4%) were institutionalized as compared to those in Group 1 (29%)

  2.  Carees in Group 2 participated for a longer period of time before institutionalization.  

5   Forward

     Further dissemination of the MCSP is therefore recommended.


A similar study was published in 2004.  The present study was chosen "Because of the small sample and limited power of the [2004] study, and the possible influence of the selection of carers on the study outcome, "  

Source - para 7 here.  The page is not shown on the Home page links list


Relevant studies and events since 2006 will be described.  Update 13 June - see a start here, another here.

Loneliness occurs in 2.5 and 3.3.  See a public page Alone  Home page here and follow the book link.

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