An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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  1. Various
  2. Videos
  3. Public pages on this site giving background info etc

1   Various

Assessing the mental health needs of 
older people here

Department of Health Dementia Report  here

Living Well with Dementia in Herefordshire - A Joint Commissioning Plan for NHS Herefordshire & Herefordshire Council here 

National Dementia Helpline, the number is 0300 222 11 22


2  Videos

The first video is the most important for time-pressed viewers.

It demonstrates community-based services delivery within an evidence-based person-centred approach which combines:

  1. Community groups
  2. Voluntary organisations
  3. Health services
  4. Social services
  5. GPs
  6. Memory assessment services
You meet Professor Dawn Brooker who is leading the project in the UK in collaboration with Professor Martin Orrell from University of Nottingham.

You meet Dr Shirley Evans whose main area of work at the Association for Dementia Studies is on the MeetingDem project. This involves project managing on a day to day basis across the UK partners and much more.  more 

You will meet Dr Evans immediately you even whisper interest in this project!

  1. The Meeting Centres Support Programme UK here
  2. The Meeting Centre Trailer (2 Minutes)
  3. What Is a Meeting Centre?
  4. Who Gets Involved In Setting Up a Meeting Centre?
  5. How do Meeting Centres help people affected by dementia?
  6. Adjustment to Change Model
  7. The Meeting Centre opening - Droitwich Spa
  8. Prof. Rose-Marie Droes on the Meeting Centre Support Programme 


3  Public pages on this site giving background info etc
  1. Dementia meeting centres   here
  2. Dementia and related topics Home page here

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