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Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre programme - July 2016

Week One           There was a previous feedback session of such importance, it has its own page here.

Tuesday 5th – AM

10-11 am Meet and chat

11 am Lynn Kay from Beat it Percussion

Lynn will continue this month to combine rhythm and motor control to roll out more fortnightly percussion sessions, to all those interested. 

Last month’s sessions ended with some bell ringing!  It is interesting to be part of all the new ideas that Lyn is coming up with since her successful win that has helped, Beat it percussion to form the new PEOPLES PROJECT in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 

FAMILY MEMBERS Carers Support Information Session10.30-13.00

PM - Balance and movement 

And another chance to BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET – with a family member.

Wednesday 6th 


Swimming 11-11.30am 

The Games People Play 

PM- Balance and movement 

Thursday 7th 


Italian Style, music (and cultures discussed)

PM – Balance and movement 

Week Two

Tuesday 12th

Woodwind with a family member who plays quite a few instruments, sax, accordions, melodeons and flute. He is offering woodwind sessions to all those interested. Please speak with John or come to this “play around intro session” 

PM- Movement and balance 

14.00-15.00 Family Members Meeting

Wednesday 13th

AM- An independent swimming syndicate is emerging!


Swimming together for those who fancy it, is proving to be a success and great fun, except for getting dressed again after of course

If you want to be part of a small group that books the pool privately and shares the cost from September please speak to the member who is organising.   

Art with Yvie

12.00 – Leominster Primary School Orchestra. 

The children will be bringing packed lunches to join us for lunch.

PM: Take your turn Ceildh / music by members. 

Thursday 14th

EVERYONE please bring in your own pictures/ especially one of you when you were very young 

PM – Balance and movement

Week Three

Tuesday 19th 

Lynn Kay from Beat it Percussion

Carers Support Information Session 10.30-13.00

JEREMY DAW – Local historic photographs of interest!

PM – Balance and movement 

Wednesday 20th


A family member with pictures from Cuba – (following very recent visit)

PM – Balance and movement 

Thursday 21st


Country and style to be decided (via informal chat during Italian Style bake off on the 7th July)

PM – Balance and movement 

Week Four

Tuesday 26th

Discussion tea 

Herefordshire Carers Support (HCS) information session regarding their service 11.00–12.30 

14.00-15.00 Family Members Meeting in back room (with Yvie)

14.00-15.00 Members meeting in the circle (with Tracy)

PM – Balance and movement 

Wednesday 27th

AM-Music mania and visual extravaganza

Gemma singing. Gemma doesn’t just massage and paint nails! 
 A visual surprise!   Orchestrated by family member Alan and associates (ALL BEING WELL)

 PM- movement and balance slot 

Thursday 28th

AM - MAKE DO AND MEND – Bring your polishing and mending 

Charity shop dash, to get anything we need!

PM - Movement and Balance 

DAWN a local OT came along and joined in at the meeting centre on two of the Wednesdays last month, she explained how she can visit anyone’s home by request, to give advice from her wealth of experience. 

So if you are finding it increasingly difficult on times to carry out any tasks you enjoy or want to be able to do with less frustration- ie cooking, gardening, reading – ASK O.T. DAWN to come to your house – via Your meeting centre. 

Don’t forget that we can eat together any day; £3 per head can be pooled towards a shared meal.(Plus teas and coffees)

Recent ideas enjoyed buffets, locally reared pork sausage and chips, pizza with healthy salads!   

Every day will also bring an opportunity to engage in discussions AND a time for a movement session to aid with coordination and balance. 


Things that are helping to make The Meeting Centre work well…

No regimentation 

The friendliness of everyone
The fun and spontaneity

The “what’s on” guide 

The support we all get and give to one another

Everyone helping themselves and one another to drinks throughout the day  

Eating together 

Having interesting things to be a part of  

Things to work on going forward…

Make sure some of our good ideas don’t slip through the net, ie Desert island disks to happen again with more forward planning (Liz is on to this)

More people who might want to help, having support with making lunch…


..You are invited to a Tea Dance...

On August 9th 2016 …1.30pm -3.30pm 

…Led by Dancer Rachel Freeman from        … …“Everybody Dance”…  here

… Tea Dresses… Best suits… Teas and Cakes… 

……Music from the decades……

Tell all your friends and bring them along to………… …

PLEASE WIRLESS US ON- 07834619546…To say if you are coming……………………………………………………………….STOP …

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