An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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 2 - The Droitwich trailer

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 1 - General

  1. Any use of Meeting Centre(s)  is recommended to read Dementia Meeting Centre(s)  for the simple reason that we are selling the latter .  Meeting Centre(s) could be Scout, Guide, Council or whatever.  MC has much less impact than DMC.   However, I accept that U of W is shackled to internationally agreed procedures and terminology.

  2. That, however, need not limit what is done from now on to pursue the continuity of  the too-few UK DMCs and the creation of more.  New documents etc can sell DMCs.

  3. An example of loose use of MC is "Young people with Alzheimer’s disease generally do not visit day-care because of the high average age. These people do tend to visit Meeting Centres in community centres that are visited by people of all ages."  source - SWOT here  - Opportunities .   MC/s receive/s six other mentions.   If DMC/s had been used  . . . .   Don't split hairs by offering      These people do tend to visit general Meeting Centres.   

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  5. Readers who are involved in any of the neurodegenerative diseases arising from the pages listed here are likely to ask if DMCs are available to them.             Text please.

 2 - The Droitwich trailer

  1. On Saturday 4 June at 9 pm, I write this wondering if my computer has been playing tricks.  I am 90% through what I had planned for this package.  The trailer had been noted several days ago and I wrote a line [3] at No. 15 in the Home page Preamble 30 mins ago, assuming that the video would be good.:

  2. A two-minute video -  The Droitwich Meeting Centre Trailer here - is worth sparing that time.  Meetingdem website source

  3. I appreciate that U of W is shackled to internationally agreed procedures but can't imagine a video format being prescribed.

  4. Assuming for the moment that the line were to be published, I could imagine the type of people lined up as readers/prospects would ask me why it had been recommended.  They would have returned to here to see if the main film had been missed.

  5. The sound is in the modern idiom.  The club members seem happy enough with what they are saying and singing but the viewer is unable to appreciate their joy at being there.  Were they involved in the trailer construction?  Did they know they would be silenced by an inappropriate medium they would be unlikely to appreciate?   . . . . .

  6. Why is it termed a trailer?  Is something in pipeline?   Page 11 of the Guidebook talks about a film being made. This link is given:  An energetic mouse is needed.  Our time-pressed prospects won't bother. 

  7. Impediments page No. 3 here.

 3  Leominster  here

 4   Lutterworth
  1. The mystified reader/prospect [3.5] ploughs on [most give up] and clicks "Links" to learn? about Lutterworth.

  2. Only readers with a     strong belief in the continuity of  the too-few UK DMCs and the creation of more {Preamble 3 here] will Google to find an example of GP surgery dementia support here.  . . . 

  3. but not find anything about a DMC.

  4. I imagine it will take U of W weeks to update the page.  

  5. Months if a lot of this package were to be processed.

  6. Which is why it exists to be sent independently and with the personal touch.

 5 - More feedback to U of W  here

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