An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                    When prospects learn that some of the £ is to cease, the p values for success are lowered.

                It is important to emphasise that this promotion includes finding the £ for long-term operation of new DMCs.

Update 24 July 2016 - linked from 2.1 here.  

This series is a holding device                                                         Nav page here 


The author's plan is to use this site as a holding device while U of W peruses content and put forward changes.  


That assumes that U of W is propitious.   


This author approaches all activites with optimism.


Once a final version has been agreed:

  1. U of W could transfer appropriate text etc to various MEETINGDEM and its own DMC marketing websites and pdfs (without header graphics)

  2. I can start recruiting support from within my contacts
My main reason for producing this series is for use within 4.2.  Until there is a set of U of W text or another way of outreach within the Meetingdem sites, I' will use the authorised version to contact those who I consider prospects.

U of W will obviously communicate with those who need to know about this series.

The author would appreciate an introduction to the senior people in Alzheimer Society Gloucester and Hereford dealing with MEETINGDEM.  Info on Hereford DMC progress will be appreciated.



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