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The new Dementia Meeting Centre Programme    -   in a nutshell

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"Stand by me" here is part of the person-centred approach within the programme.

This page introduces the reader to the main aspects of the Dementia Meeting Centre itself and that is abbreviated to DMC to make things easier.

The main benefits

The main benefits for people with dementia who attend the DMCs are that they show fewer depressive symptoms and they have a higher self-esteem than carees in regular day-care. Furthermore, admission to a nursing home is postponed in the majority of cases.

The main benefits for their carers is that they experience more support, have an increased feeling of competence, and feel less burdened.   Their morale is heightened by participating with their peers, and the DMC staff, in the care given to their loved-ones and others with dementia.

Based on succcess

This page  promotes UK Dementia Meeting Centres which are based on the success of 125 DMCs in Holland.

The series results from the website author's strong belief in the continuity of  the too-few UK DMCs and the       creation of more.

Help create a DMC in your area

The project aims to recruit people with the time and energy to take up this promotion in a practical way by helping to create a DMC in their area as part of improving local dementia services.

You could be a volunteer such as Mary on the left or a younger version (male or female) of her.

The project needs meetings people.  If you have experience of initiating anything at all in your local community, even better.  But that's not a condition.  Enthusiasm for improving dementia services is the key requirement.

If masses of paperwork and Internet text  don't fit into your lifestyle, it's been nice knowing you. Otherwise, please plough on with the main page.

Goodbye if this is not your scene.

The hope is that you will read 

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