An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Note 1 within Notes for the two pages here  applies to the use of Meeting Centres    as in 3, 5, & 7 above.


  1. Any use of Meeting Centre(s)  is recommended to read Dementia Meeting Centre(s)  for the simple reason that we are selling the latter and it should be tied in to use of DMC(s).  Meeting Centre(s) could be Scout, Guide, Council or whatever.  

  2. Readers who are involved in any of the neurodegenerative diseases arising from the pages listed here are likely to ask if DMCs are available to them. Text please.

  3. Examples of stakeholders within the Droitwich DMC are listed below.

Notes for other use

Suggestion re text to go on a webpage and on leaflets.  

with 1 or the DMC manager at 3 & 4 - decide which

DMC = in full the first time used

Notes much to be revised and moved.

Procedure for a carer to arrange caree regular attendance at a DMC

  1. Register interest with/via XYZ
  2. Arrange visit via 1 to the DMC of your choice with your caree   link only for decision-makers 
  3. Discuss after with 1 or the DMC manager.
  4. Arrange a referral. 1 or the DMC manager will advise
  5. Once complete, discuss specifics after with the DMC manager

For the process analysis quantitative and qualitative research methods will be used. Based on a theoretical model that was developed (Meiland et al., 2004, 2005) to trace facilitating and impeding factors in the implementation of the MCSP in the Netherlands, a questionnaire will be composed to inventory facilitators and barriers of successful implementation of the MCSP in the participating countries on a micro (primary process), meso (organization) and macro level (laws and regulations, funding). source

How to make a Sensory Room for people living with dementia  here

Of possible use 

easy to forget about hospital provision here

A leading Professor in helping people to live well with dementia has delivered an engaging seminar as the UK’s first specialist Meeting Centre has been launched.  here

Stirling uni here

The Meeting Centres Support Programme: An Effective Way of Supporting People with Dementia who Live at Home and their Carers here

Alz planning here  

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MEETINGDEM Overview and Home page here