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Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Programme - September page

Week One

Tuesday  6th – AM  Desert Island Disks (With our cast away Gerald)  
                             PM Balance and coordination session 

Wednesday 7th  –  AM - Art in Action
                                    PM – Coordination 
                                     14.00-15.00 Family Members Meeting

Thursday 8th – Black country food and Historic facts and sayings 
(at member Bettys request)

Week Two

Tuesday  13th – Lynn Kay  from Beat it Percussion  source of header graphic
                              Laughter  Yoga 

Wednesday 14th – Massage with Gemma 
Worcester university study: 
        Focus Group discussion for members: 11 - 12 noon. 
        Focus Group discussion for family carers: 2 pm - 3pm

Thursday 15th  Making some pickles and preserves  - 
GP practises Education Day 13.30 ask Debbie for more details 

Week Three 

Tuesday 20th – “Blow your own trumpet” and “Blowing in the wind” sessions
                                1.30-3pm Tea dance with Rachel , spread the word folks 

Wednesday  21st
 Queenwood short hike and cook on the open fire in the woodland area 
 (1pm – 4pm HCS information session TBC)

Thursday 22nd
Cake Bake Off – for sending photo to Jo Brown here
                                Balance and coordination-  PICKLE MAKING  

Week Four

Tuesday  27th – Lynn Kay  from Beat it Percussion  source of header graphic
TALK FROM a LOCAL FIREMEN on fire safety at home

Wednesday 28th
Massage with Gemma / Desert Island Disks( with our cast away Betty) 
14.00-15.00 Family Members Meeting 

Thursday 29th – – History in Objects (bring in some item that tells your history, for a second pop up museum at the meeting centre) 

Herefordshire Carers Support – Hypnotherapy session for family members 11.00-12.30 (open to external carers).

We will have up to 3 dry fire drills, during this month on each of the three days a week we are open.
The fire point is in the high school yard down the path behind the building. 
Don’t forget that we can eat together any day; £3-£4 per head can be pooled towards a shared meal.
Ideas tried out lately ploughman’s light buffet, ordering sandwiches from The flying Dutchman, meals from Italy, Columbia and Spain 

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