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                            Cherylyn Roberts at the Meeting Centre with her mother, Margaret Wilson source

What’s on in the Meeting Centre this May

Week One 

Monday 2nd - Bank Holiday - Closed

Tuesday 3rd 

Our Official Launch Day 11.00-13.00      

[[ see source of header graphic and report here  -  more  -  not in the printed programme ]]
Lynn Kay percussion  [[  here -  not in the printed programme ]]  to start the day from 10am -11.00 

Ribbon cutting by Maureen (Meeting Centre Member)

Cake cutting by Susan (Meeting Centre Member)

Wednesday 4th -

AM: Swimming for anyone who fancies it!

Discussion - current affairs OR Quoits 

PM:  Psychomotor session

Week Two

Monday 9th

AM: Discussion with old pictures of Herefordshire with Jeremey Daw 

PM: Psychomotor session

Tuesday 10th

AM: Lynn Kay 

PM: Psychomotor session.

Wednesday 11th 

AM  Massage and swimming
PM  Psychomotor session

Week Three

Dementia Awareness Week - Open doors for the week

This is the week to ask any neighbours friends family and fans to come and join in with anything we are doing at the meeting centre.

Monday 16th

approx. 11.15 - 12.00 Cycle ride pit stop!

13.30 -15.30 Tea Dance 

Tuesday 17th 

The Big Draw (The Courtyard)

Wednesday 18th 

11.00 - 12.30 String Quartet. No swimming 

Thursday 19th

AM: Discussion time - Current affairs.

A visit from a hedgehog!

PM: Psychomotor session.

Week Four

Tuesday 24th

Lynn Kay
PM Psychomotor session

Wednesday 25th

AM: Gardening Massage and Swimming 

PM: Psychomotor session

Thursday 26th

AM: Skittle tournament (as requested) OR cook and share
PM: Psychomotor session.

Week Five 

Tuesday 31st

AM: Make Do and Mend - Bring in your mending and polishing / Charity shop dash 

PM: Psychomotor session.

Wednesday 1st June

AM: Take your turn Ceildh / music by members.

PM: Psychomotor session.

Thursday 2nd June

AM: Art

PM: Psychomotor session.

Every day will also bring an opportunity to engage in discussions AND a time for a movement session to aid with coordination and balance.  

Favourite quote this month - ‘Would you believe I have to go home because of a hedgehog!’ overheard from a member who was disappointed to leave a bit early because her daughter needed to take a hedgehog to the vet.

Multi Agency building, Coningsby Road, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8LL. (Opposite Leominster Leisure Centre). 

For more info contact Debbie on 01432 371137 or mobile 07834619546.

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