An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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One aspect of this page is the result of mishaps with my wife's wheelchair which could have broken her right leg, already in an inoperable (heart condition) broken hip-joint.  .  

Already, there have been breakages to leg supports.  More here dated 8 Sept 2015. 

Practicably anything which is automotive can create havoc if not handled properly. (And soon, we'll need to dodge driverless cars. )

Going through closed doors.

Carry a simple door wedge.

You suffer from back-ache and resist bending.

You approach a door and there's either no one around to help or those who are regard you as invisible.


FInd a piece of bamboo and a door wedge.  Screw the wedge to the bamboo.  Find a suitable length of black tube.  Tie it to the wheelchair with duct tape.

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