An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                                4  They can be dangerous

About wheelchairs                                               4.2   U-tube is better than Youtube!  here  

                                                                                                                        Our wheelchair here

                                                                                                                 16 Sept 2016   Teresa's Triumph here

  1. They are necessary
  2. They are expensive
  3. Finding the right car can be difficult
  4. They can be dangerous
  5. There is a stigma factor

1  They are necessary

Like a lot of things connected to coping with disability.

2  They are expensive

To buy

We bought a three-year old Quickie Tango here - £3250


They need special cars.  We now have a four-year old one of these.  £15K


WAVs here

To repair
Crashed empty wheelchair into a wall and broke a leg support while on holiday.  £150 a new pair plus all that needed to be done to have it delivered.

Tango Quickie Wheelchair page here

3  Finding the right car can be difficult

We have had problems.
Jubilee Motors sold us a car in 2014.  In the end, we had to threaten solicitor action.  
One of many emails - Email to PM 4 Nov here

Out of date (2014) We need a WAV  page here 

4  They can be dangerous

4.1  Your caree's limbs can be broken.

4.2  A solution - U-tube is better than Youtube!  here  


4.3  Journal article here

5  There is a stigma factor

pagetop    for pasting    About wheelchairs here

                                     U-tube is better than Youtube!  here  

                                     Our wheelchair here