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This van is about the same price right now.  It is slightly better being 4 berth, but otherwise has similar features, plus a shower.  Its the same year, but the mileage is nearly double yours.   Its impossible to believe that the differences amount to a value of £16,000!

here's another very similar Lunar motorhome, same year, 2 berth, lower mileage.

Price £22,995

What is useful (to us only) is to compare what you are offering with what else is on Ebay at around the same price.  I would say yours looks fairly competitive.  Check out the 2 bed and 3 bed offerings.

This one, for instance: is cheaper than yours, but its 15 years old, and has done 30,000 miles.

Here's one from a dealer at about your price: . That one is 2009 and 152,000 miles.    But its hardly comparable to yours - given its just an internal version of a panel van.   Of course, some people will prefer something slightly smaller to yours anyway.....

the same as yours on sale now:

for a mere £27,995.....  good for pics

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