An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

 Update 1 June 2015  

It was necessary recently to phone two organisations re their provision for carers.  In neither case did the person who answered demonstrate that allowance would be made for any carer  who may be stressed.

Since the calls, I now carry a card as follows.  Its text will be read within phone calls as necessary.


Unless they have a family member or friend who requires full time carer support, most people have no idea of the carer-world.  My wife suffers from several chronic life-limiting ailments including an inoperable thigh-bone to hip socket dislocation, and dementia. 

Life for many carers is a constant battle as cuts slash deeper, life becomes worse for us.

One approach is to seek a wider understanding of carer difficulties.  You may be able to give useful feedback  Many carers are at the end of their tether.  When elderly, they are prone to short-term memory and short-attention-span problems.    Please make allowances and offer help. 

Read more within my website.  Use needed.

Thank you for any support given today.


Examples of stress-causes

Update 27 Nov 2014 

A&E etc summary here.

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