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8 Oct 2018

I have moved on and live with my new soulmate near Oxford.  She is a poet.

9 Nov 2017

No additions to the site until further notice.

There may be material added which is unconnected with caring.  

 5 Feb 2017

Full steam ahead for the new Ross Dementia Centre  here.

5 Feb 2017

Proof that DIY works, via the Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - Home page here 

25 Nov

Dementia patients should not be hidden away here

5 Nov

Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - Home page here

8 October

 A DIY Dementia Meeting Centre for your local community here

Sunday 25 Sept

If your participation in the Gloucester Memory Walk led you to this page - welcome.

This is your page - A DIY Dementia Meeting Centre for your local community here

16 Sept

If you need to refer to the national Dementia Meeting Centre  pages from any page on this website, the link is now at top left in the nav panel

Intro  I.T.  Carer  Caree  Focus  Ways  Areas  NHS  Rights  Gov  More  

Read about Teresa's Triumph here

9 Sept

Dementia Meeting Centres - synopsis  - here

The international project and its UK arm shoots itself in the foot here.  

 We're singing for the brain here    

Recycled songs Home page here

5th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia  September 29-October 01, 2016 London, UK                                                  here

28 August

Unpaid carer stress Home page  here 

29 July

Richmond Bede Retirement Village here

21 July

Dementia Meeting Centres   here   

17 July

A day in the life of an unpaid carer - an unexpected occurrence on his doorstep - here.

I July

Your opportunity to participate in the future of UK Dementia Meeting Centres  here     

30 June

A much-revamped Song and music therapy page here 

27 June

Home exercises here 

25 June

Wheelchair safety first - continued here  

Does she/he take sugar?  here

 14 June

Text problems have occurred which means that many pages with more-than-simple layout have gone haywire.  Most pages with a caption under the header graphic now skewiff  will take ages to correct.

12 June

Your opportunity to participate in the future of UK Dementia Meeting Centres  here     

9 June

Response to "The Long Gray Tunnel here

8  June

I could shout from rooftops and the mountain tops about how good Dementia Meeting Centres are!  here

1 June

U-tube is better than Youtube! here

29 May

The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring    here

Alone  Home page here

27 May 

About wheelchairs here

21 May 2016

Caregiver v carer here

20 May 2016

Personal thoughts on the state of NHS Continuing Healthcare here and containing useful links.  


NHS Continuing Healthcare here

NHS Continuing Healthcare: How to keep going when the going gets tough - Google here.

19 May

Home Care Charges

If they can do it why not every Council?

Council unveils plan to scrap home care charges Home care charges for people with disabilities are due to be abolished in Hammersmith and Fulham in London as a result of planned budget cuts to other council departments. The decision will mark the end of a difficult battle for local disability campaigners, who have campaigned for eight years to see 'tax on disability' abolished. 

Community Care  more

16 May 2016

Teresa Harrison Update  here

Universal Health Care here  UK here

23 April

No 6 on the Books on the carer world page here 

5 April

Grove Farm - Kimbolton - near Leominster   here 

23 March

Mental health care concerns - in Hereford Times   here

22 March

Dementia meeting centres   here

21 March

Our bird station here

13 March

Prolonging the active mind here

                                         religious aspects  here

Our videos, songs and music  here

20 Feb 2016

The Person Centred Introductory test and the G&S test first completed in Nov 2015 have been repeated with no significant change in outcome here.


6 Feb

The Dom-care battle  -  Paper presented to Promoting Independence on 4th February 2016 here

4 Feb

Dementia Community Roadshow here



15 Jan 

Dementia Champion Day Course here.

14 Jan  2016

Various events on the Worcs Uni Education Home page here

29 Dec  2015

Current and future challenges 

of family care in the UK here   more

The Health and Mental Health 

of Informal Caregivers 

in Rural and Urban Northern Ireland here


15 Dec

2gether complaints here

14 Dec

Readers interested in song and music in the Carer World could see carols in use within a specialised aspect here 

A grey version of this car now sits on our drive. here  

30 Nov

The Breaks Prescription Scheme gives carers the chance to access a free break up to the value of £50 through their local GP surgery. here but in Wiltshire.

15 Nov       

To the Bishop of Herefordshire here

8 Nov

Person-centred Tests Home page here

Glamorgan Hotel  - The hotel with heart here

5 Nov

If you attended the Herefordshire Council session on carer strategy today, click here.

4 Nov

The last day of the Care Conference and Care and Dementia Show - both here.

Readers interested in song and music in the Carer World could choose from these pages:

  1. Recycled songs for carers Home page here
  2. Songs and music for special needs situations here.
  3.  Songs and music for adults with special needs here
Some may want more info re 3 on the limitations etc via the Contact page here.

Use it also if you can help with age-related interaction.

1 Oct 

The useful Spotify page is here

25 Sept

If your caree suffers from a visual ailment, there is an interesting experiment well down the page here.

It stems from a question my wife was asked at No. 1  here.  Click the Damn Interesting  link 8th item down on arrival at Google.  

That result was an extension of finding the page here.

23 Sept

A black picture often within the domain of dom-care staff on zero-hours contract, with disallowed travel time - here

10 Sept

The Hereford Branch of TPG Disable Aids saves the day yet again here

6 Sept

Tango Quickie Wheelchair page here

2 Sept

Back to the Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here

How the care crisis is making old age a nightmare.

Related NHS continuing care fund,.


31 August

Dementia Triangle of Care  here       

25 August

78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here

21 August

The carer world is a series of mountains - public page here

16 August

Black news re the Dementia Triangle of Care here

Wishy-washy Herefordshire here

2 August

Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here

Holidays page here

29 July 2015

Home Care Charges

If they can do, it why not every Council?  here

25 July

Teresa on her new decking here

8 July  Songs and music for adults with special                    needs here

            Dementia resources  here

            Dementia-friendly  here

            Dementia Triangle of Care  here


6 July - We need a WAV here 

2 July 2015

Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck. here

New page - The Alibi Society here.

5 June 

Herefordshire Council - Adult Wellbeing  here 

3 June 2015 - The good news page is here.

14 May 2015 

My wife's health + why less attention given to this website here

28 Jan a 2015 -  My wife's health here

28 Jan b 2015 - The cost of care - a                                                          preliminary here                                         

20 Dec

December 2014 update here

18 Dec

With my wife at home now, one of the helping organisations which I'd like to give a big thank-you to is the Hereford Branch of TPG Disable Aids.

27 Nov  

A&E etc summary here.

9  Nov

Updates October & November 2014  here

24 October 2014

Minor update on WAVs and why updates have been missed - see No. 5 here.   

26 August 2014

Song quizzes here.

As is evident, there are fewer updates during the summer months due to my caree wife being able to go out more.  

22 June

The Squiffle Group song is now on youtube here    


25 May

Users of the  link now go to No. 6 here.

19 May

Dementia Week

Remember Me - the Courtyard Theatre event page is here.

Songs and music for special needs situations here.

GP duty of care here 

12 May  -  here

University Challenge here

6 May

Worcester University seminars here

21 April   Protecting Our Parents TV programme here.                  Compulsory viewing for all carers.

3 April    

Song lists - Main page  here 

27 March - new page of various songs here 

                  The how and why - here.

25 March

Within the Songs and music for special needs situations here

new - Songs and music lists - Home page here  

new - Ulverscroft Song Books - find a song here  

13 March

Songs and music for special needs situations here.

New carers song on the Recycled songs Home page here

28 Feb

Channel 5 News at 5 pm asked Jeremy Hunt if enough is being done in the battle with dementia.  

Dementia and euthanasia 

27 Feb

Channel 5 News at 5 pm gave more time to dementia.

A moral dilemma rarely out of the headlines is assisted dying and a poll indicates that 2/3 of us are in favour of it. That is in the context of dementia sufferers making provision while they are fully able to. 

GP Michael Irwin said that dementia is no different from any other illness here.  Dr Peter Saunders of Care not Killing said that many people with dementia are quite happy (?). 

Send opinion etc to 

This website includes dementia and I am at the early stages of acquiring info sources.  

The pages (for a rainy day)  are:

  1. Herefordshire’s Symposium here, 
  2. theguardian here,  
  3. The Times here,  
  4. Stigma here.  
  5. Hereford Journal here.

More at 25 Feb below.  Link content anywhere here may change.

26 Feb 

Read the update on the Intro page here 

25 February

Channel 5 News covers dementia all week on TV and it is here. From there you go to the Cathy Jones blog.where you see the couple referred to yesterday here.  Watch Cathy's video here.

7 February

Economic and Social Research Council here 

2 February

Main aims of the website and its principal content here

The Times - dementia coverage   here

Updates re Health Trust and Health Watch at foot of Hereford Times page here

31 January

To education -  consumers  here

To education -    providers here

30 January

Herefordshire Carers Support local groups are now here under today's update.

Find out about D. A. M. P. syndrome here

26 January

New Groups section, The Alzheimer's Society, and a Dementia Symposium here

15 January 2014

Herefordshire Carers Support webpage is now functional here

31 December

Hereford Journal Home page here

Young carers Home page here

Dementia theguardian  coverage here

Stigma and discrimination - a NHS page  here

Welfare Reform here

Are you a hawk or a hedgehog?  Find out here.

19 December

My Care My Home? here

18 December

A revised Introduction to the website - here.

16 December

A page addressed to education here

13 December

Hereford Times here

12 December

Ross Carers Support Group updated here 


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 pagetop  here