An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Update 28 Jan b 2015  The cost of care - a preliminary             

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At the moment, anyone with assets above £23,250 does not get help paid for by their council. source

That figure goes up to £72,00 in 2016. source   more at 22 here and read wider.  

Another aspect is the payment limit for care costs.  Here's an example.

      Hunt says the cap does not mean that people will be expected to pay £75,000. That sum is just the maximum that           people might have to pay, he says.  source    more

Innovative interactive video here.

Clearly, wider research is needed.

What progress?  Do comparisons of then and now come up with anything useful?

Caring For Our Future: reforming care and support               July 2012 White Papers here

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