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December 2014 update      20th and 28th


My wife came out of hospital on 14 Dec - five weeks and a day since the A&E saga here.  A lot of negatives on that page and it's a pleasure to report positives.  It is presumed that you have read the TPG update on 18 Dec here.. 


Our thanks go to all staff in the Merlin Ward of Ross Cottage Hospital and to Redbrook Ward at Hereford Hospital. Also the ambulance men involved.

However, all at Hereford earlier wasn't right as seen here.  Not mentioned there was the fact that an eternity ring was stolen.


The car problems  here are, we hope, solved by a refund from Jubilee Automotive Group and the purchase of another car from elsewhere.


Thanks too, to all those who sent emails, many of whom we don't know in many parts of the world.


With so much to do as a carer and now that Christmas is almost upon us (16 Dec), there won't be any more on this page or elsewhere for a  long while.


For those who might have received an Xmas card- just no time at all to send anything - sorry.


No. 1 is about positives. However, we bought an electric reclining chair from Oak Tree Mobility here which includes comment on doorstep traders here.  We didn't buy from a doorstep trader but it;s evident that other companies are suspect.

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