An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Update 3 June 2015 - The good news page!


My wife is cheerful despite the Update 14 May 2015 which said:

Further to other updates re not dealing with this website, the priorities overtake it.  My wife's health is much worse and she needs a lot of care.  The number of hours involving paid care has more than doubled from five per five-day week. 

Her right hip joint has failed.  She is unable to undergo major surgery due to heart problems. Apart from appointments, she is confined to the house and is 100% dependent on her wheelchair.


Our main carer, Liz Lawrence of Crossroads - Forest of Dean,  is now an honorary member of the family.


On the Updates page and at 18 Dec 2014. I wrote:

With my wife at home now, one of the helping organisations which I'd like to give a big thank-you to is the Hereford Branch of TPG Disable Aids.

The company has again helped enormously and pics and more info will follow.


I buy a lot from Amazon.  However, a problem page was sent.  What was a hidden page is here.  Sai M kindly sorted it all out rapidly.  Thanks Sai.