An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

2 July 2015


After the long winter, we finally managed to get away.  Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck.


My wife was admitted to Worcester Royal Hospital (WRH)  A&E on Tuesday 23 June and discharged from the assessment ward on Thursday 25. She waited alone in A&E for over two hours as I had to retrieve my car. Triage had been done. That routine obviously included the “What year is it?” questions and she did badly enough to warrant WRH to declare delirium. It then pushed her into a crowded waiting room to be forgotten. No offer of a drink or WC. 


Readers who want more please use the Contact page.  The assessment ward did a good job.  A&E did a good job medically.  It's the Government which needs to sort out staffing ratios etc.


I have been negotiating "carer provision" over six weeks with a national charity, itself subject to recent cuts.  When I asked about further delays, the question was asked - What is it that you want?  I replied that it is all in my emails.  Readers who want more please use the Contact page. The reply includes The Alibi Society here.

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