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Associate Professor David Oliviere   7 May 2014

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resilience in palliative care - achievement in adversity - Google  Oliviere

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BBC Poll 2005 public attitudes to healthcare.        

    General Medical Council - Public and Professional attitudes to privacy of healthcare data here

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Notes and quotes from the lecture:

   You cannot not communicate with children.

   Why doesn't anyone talk to me?

   Don't tell him, it'll kill him.

   The hospice - a safe place to suffer.



Worcester University Staff News page here but text may have changed .  Text on 6 May 2014 is at foot of this page.


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International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care

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                                          Comment and contributions welcomed.

                                          Education Home page here

Worcester University Staff News page - see 1 above

It is generally recognised that research into palliative care is important in order to understand the needs of dying patients and those important to them. It is also acknowledged that palliative care is a sensitive area to investigate, therefore any research undertaken needs careful planning and delivery. The Centre for Palliative Care aims to carry out different research projects including some sensitive areas like understanding the needs and aspirations of the bereaved during dying and after death. The Centre will also take every opportunity to share widely any new knowledge from its activities, whilst inviting other  outside researchers to share their findings. Such sharing and dissemination will be done through a series of lectures starting with the lecture on the 20th February 2014 as outlined below.

All lectures are free to attend and open to anyone interested in palliative and end of life care issues. However, there may be a charge of £25 if a place is booked and not taken or cancelled in time to offer it to someone else.

20 February 2014
(13.30 – 15.30)
Dignity at the end of lifeProfessor Wilf McSherrySeminar Room,
St Richard’s Hospice
7 May 2014
(13.30 – 15.30)
Making sense of resilience in palliative careAssociate Professor David OliviereRoom EE G020,
St John’s Campus, University of Worcester
3 July 2014
(13.30 – 16.00)
Involving Bereaved Relatives in End of Life Research: the Participants’ VoiceComplimentary therapies and patient Well-beingDr Jacqueline CrowtherDeborah CookRoom EE 2035,
St John’s Campus, University of Worcester

To book a place please contact Joanne Fleet, Study Day, Conference & Events Co-ordinator on / 01905 85 5147.

pagetop here   for pasting   Making sense of resilience in palliative care  here

                                          Comment and contributions welcomed.

                                          Education Home page here