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A New University for Hereford is on its way, like it or lump it.  Your starter for ten.  Is there a university in Herefordshire? "No".  Good.  Next question.  Why does A New University for Hereford  refer to itself as "new".  "Don't know".  Good.  Nobody does. Nobody wants it.

The New University states "There is a shortfall of some 17,000 economically active residents to make the county economically sustainable." Really?  And how is that calculated?   Are readers aware that the county is heading for bankruptcy?   It is now confirmed.  

Can they please get their priorities right regarding another futile and money-squandering exercise?  (G here)

Your next question for £92 million.  How is that made up?  "We're more interested in toilet closures."  Aren't we all? - but it doesn't answer the question. It must have its hands on "£3-£4 million + £10-13 million + £50-£75 million".  (5 here  9 here )    And that's for starters.

It's coming, like it or not. (3 hereIt's no longer a feasibility study.  Herefordshire Council has agreed to give its unwanted offices and estates to the ragbag project.   Its boss is being appointed now.  

The government says that British universities must expand by 25%.  Next question: Enough universities already?   "162 is enough?"  Correct.

Your final question for grand slam.  What does horses for courses mean?  "It means that there's insufficient horses within Herefordshire for its own academic racecourse.  Furthermore, bringing them in from elsewhere is ridiculous."  Absolutely!

This is a challenge to the New University to defend itself.  It is also a challenge to readers.  Are we to shrug our shoulders at such a monstrous waste of money?  


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