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  1. Mission
  2. New and creative educational technology
  3. Higher education as a key catalyst
  4. Working in close collaboration
  5. Securing the Future of Higher Education in England
  6. Related questions
  7. High performing employees
  8. The supply chain to business
  9. Money matters
  10. (Sustainable Development Advocacy)
  11. The key benefits to Herefordshire
  12. Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust


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1   Mission

To equip students of all ages with the critical abilities to effectively challenge the status quo in a world dominated by science and technology, and characterised by global competition and the need for sustainable coexistence.


2   New and creative educational technology

Rapid development of new and creative educational technology which allows for any point delivery of world class course content coupled with new economics in the delivery of teaching source

"any point delivery" is important as several campuses  are envisaged. "As proposed, the university would specialise in online courses. A task group is already looking into likely campus locations in Hereford, Leominster, Ledbury and Ross-on-Wye."  

source - Hereford Times - 6 March, p5

3   Higher education as a key catalyst


The placement of higher education as a key catalyst in Herefordshire Council’s economic regeneration plans; underpinned by the transfer of strategic property assets.  source


What does the transfer of strategic property assets  mean?


The Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2011 - 2031 is here.   No such mention here.

4   Working in close collaboration


The New University will be working in close collaboration with Herefordshire College of Arts, Hereford & Ludlow College, and the Royal National College for the Blind to ensure that Herefordshire is recognized as a national centre of excellence in education.  source   


More important is the emphasis on routes into NUH from FE.


The Hereford & Ludlow College page on this website is here.

5   Securing the Future of Higher Education in England - Commission on the Future of Higher Education

... this Commission believes that our higher education system must continue to be shaped by five principles. We believe that higher education institutions must:

• be disinterested producers of knowledge

• nurture sceptical and informed citizens

• promote the public good

• expand opportunity for all, and

• further national economic renewal.

source p8    

6   Related questions

What is the purpose of higher education in the 21st century?

What mix of higher education institutions do we want to serve a diverse, expanding student population?

What role can higher education play in promoting sustainable economic growth and a rebalanced economy across England?

To what extent should the overall structure of the sector be determined by market forces or to what extent should government play a strategic role?

If investment in world-class research and teaching is to keep pace with the best in the world in an age of austerity, how can we pay for it?

If universities are public institutions, how should they be governed?

What should be the relationship between higher education and other forms of tertiary education?

7   High performing employees

According to the Government Office for Science, in 2050 businesses will look very different from today, and will be virtually unrecognisable from those of thirty years ago. Successful organisations will be capable of adapting their operational and intellectual infrastructures as their businesses, customers and markets evolve. In particular manufacturing will become faster, more customized and more responsive to changing global markets. Successful organisations will also need to employ people with a wider interdisciplinary social and science skills base, and develop highly qualified leaders and managers whose expertise combines both commercial and technical acumen.

8   The supply chain to business

Universities are an integral part of the supply chain to business—a supply chain that has the capability to support business growth and therefore economic prosperity.  

source p1   A Review of Business–University Collaboration via here 

9   Money matters

With seed financing of £3-4 million and an additional £10-13 million to open the university in 2017, the Board will be tasked over succeeding years with securing an additional £50-£75 million in financing; integrating resources from personal and corporate philanthropy, the social capital market, private investment, UK & EU Government funding, public sector asset transfers, and industry sponsorships. source

10   (Sustainable Development Advocacy)    Not part of the NUH site


Masters Degree in Sustainable Development Advocacy here.   It is not included on the website.  A missing key feature?


The course is highly innovative; students learn through lectures, team projects and work placements in organisations such as the Environment Agency, Friends of the Earth and Unilever.  The experiential approach to learning means that students develop an in-depth knowledge of all areas of sustainable development and gain the skills that are attuned to the needs of employers to help them move toward more sustainable practice. source 


Read 4.2

(The NUH)  is being designed to help Herefordshire's engineering and technical businesses meet ...  challenges, and will be focused on applied engineering, applied science, and the technologies of not a link sustainability

in context here


"the need for sustainable coexistence" is an important component of the NUH mission as seen in 1 above.  Will NUH make use of the resources this course offers?

11  The key benefits to Herefordshire

But the time is now right – and the pieces are all coming together - for the County to change its future

The NUH-espoused key benefits to Herefordshire include:


More graduate jobs created locally. 


Existing Herefordshire businesses to benefit from university support – student placements,problem solving, new product development.


Over 30 years the presence of a university will create add over 7,000 economically active residents to the county. 


Helps to increase educational attainment for the whole of Herefordshire through links between University, the colleges and the local schools.

from twelve items at source

12   Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust

Take your pick here.  A large doc here.  
. . .employers were . .  supportive of part-time workers and those seeking qualifications that were not to be core to their role and as such made a contribution towards the funding and study leave required. 
page 14



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