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A   There is a move afoot to add to the motley collection of  universities in this country

B    We are not producing things anymore.

C    Only a third of the young people who attend university should do so.

D    This is a 21st century holy cow  . . .  leaving them little time to rebel or question the system.

E    What we really need are more 'doers'. 

F     We are told that they scarcely have the resources to keep the public libraries or toilets open.

G     Can they please get their priorities right (re) another futile and money-squandering exercise?

JIM MCQUARRIE - 16 April 2014

H     This is a call to arms for anyone who cares about the county.

I       We are over-burdened with "academics" who leave "uni" only to become . . . unfulfilled.

J       (i)  It would be much wiser to (focus on) taking 14yrs+ kids and teaching them  . . .practical skills.

        (ii) We might have the chance to create something unique and to be proud of in this beautiful county!

ALAN F HARRISON (Prof. ret'd)  - a reply - - 30 April 2014

K        A more in-depth treatment needed based on evaluating the New University for Hereford (NUH) website.

L        There should be as many routes as possible from Further Education to Higher Education.

M       re J (i) the NUH is a separate issue which will come to fruition, like it or not

N        NUH needs people like Stephen Constance and Jim McQuarrie on its organisation team.

P        There's many difficult questions to be . . . answered . . .  when NUH speaks for itself on this HJ page. 

Additional quotations and relevant text

1    Difficult questions to be asked and answered

2    The Future of Higher Education

3    Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2011 - 2031 

4    Population growth over 30 years to be 3.8% according to NUH

5    Why a new university in Herefordshire? 

These are dealt with on page 3  here 




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