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The Herefordshire Local Plan 

Core Strategy (Draft March 2013)

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1  Quotations from The Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy (Draft March 2013)

2  Quotations from the Sustainable Community Strategy


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1  Quotations from The Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy (Draft March 2013)

There are 75 mentions of "education" and here are 16 quotations in which education in our context is included:

  1.  ... access to further and higher education sites remains a key issue for such a rural county, with many young people leaving the county altogether to undertake formal higher education.      p17

  2. Ensure the provision of and enhanced access to services, facilities, education and broadband in a rural, sparsely populated county   p18

  3. Capitalise on educational achievements and improve rates of qualification.  p21

  4. Educational developments (including higher education) will bolster and support local resources and strengths, such as environmental technologies, creative industries, agriculture, food production, forestry, equestrian expertise and tourism as well as support improved skills training, development and local job opportunities.  p29

  5. To support existing education, life-long learning and the retention of our young people through the provision and/or improvement of higher education, skills development and training facilities  p31

  6. Improved and expanded higher education provision in Herefordshire is envisaged as part of the strategy to help retain our young people and improve the skills base of the county. The place shaping policies and the general policy on community facilities will deliver this part of the strategy.  p51

  7. The high educational standards within the county will be capitalised upon by the provision of higher education facilities and additional good quality employment land to encourage higher value employers. p66

  8. Lack of higher education facilities means research and development industries not attracted to Hereford. p69

  9. Provide a range of employment sites and expanded higher education facilities  p69

  10. New and expanded higher education facilities with additional good quality employment land to encourage higher value employers. p69

  11. High education standards to 6th form but limited offer of Higher Education. p69

  12. New and expanded education opportunities. p69

  13. Promote the provision of Higher Education facilities in the city. p69

  14. Hereford city centre -Opportunities for large scale new commercial, tourism, education, leisure, civic and health uses will be available to meet any identified need.  p73

  15. The provision or improvement of a higher education facilities and the continuing enhancement of existing, or provision of new training and skills facilities will be actively promoted. p168

  16. Education and skills - Some of the main socio-economic outcomes of the Sustainable Community Strategy are to improve educational attainment, increase the number of young people entering education or training at 16 and create a highly skilled workforce. p171 

2  Quotations from the Sustainable Community Strategy 

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 There are 17 mentions of "education" and here are three quotations in which education in our context is included:

  1. Herefordshire is ambitious for its employment sector, and the education of young people is of a high standard.  ...  There are, however, challenges for the County that are identified within this strategy. p4

  2. There are many people with a high level of skill who move to settle in the County and set up small businesses but young people often leave the county to go onto higher education and don't return. The need for a University Centre is well recognised by whom? and funding is currently being sought for this. Feasibility work has been commissioned to develop the Blackfriars site as a university gateway.  p8

  3. Young people generally do well in getting employment, further education or training once they leave school, but most of those who need higher education or university provision have to leave the county for this. p8

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