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Karen  25 April

If you do look at this page - Thank you so much.  I know you're busy so haven't sent another email.

I'll change your header graphics to the one at the foot of the page (on green) unless I hear otherwise via  I think it personalises HT more.

Readers may put "university" into your website search box.  Now it says only this.



Karen  23 April

Sorry to hear of difficulties.  

The University for Herefordshire reply letter ready for pasting is here

Component pages are complete and H J pages will be opened by agreement

Upon agreement re content and when, the Updates page will announce:

       Two letters in the Hereford Journal inform readers that a university for Hereford is not needed.  

       My reply calls for the university to speak for itself in the Hereford Journal.

       Read the letters via the University Home page here.

Editors can refresh themselves as to the two letters and pick up my reply for use in the H J here

It is not assumed that my reply will be published but, if it is, it's all ready for lift-off.

If publication is considered, it is not assumed that content accords with H J thought and the letter can be revised accordingly.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Alan F Harrison (Prof, ret'd)     



Your pages are:

     An Overview of the letters is here

     The letters with no paragraph labels are here

     Read the letters with labels and extra info here   

Would you like the header graphic below on your pages?

You can have the graphic without the H J name as seen, or as above.  Also here.  Otherwise, do please send anything for use.                                                  

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