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  • Page 1  is for hawks who swoop in to see what morsels are available.  They can also do that on page 3.

  • Page 2  is for reading as if reading the Journal.  Catch up on the previous letters and then read my reply.

  • Page 3  repeats page 1 and is a call for the New University for Hereford  to speak for itself on the HJ pages. It               introduces numerous new aspects.  Not least is the contentious issue of HE 25% expansion.

  • Page 4  introduces education in the  Health and Social Care context.

  • Page 5   lists more contentious issues such as the vast amount of money to be tied up in an unjustified university.

  • Page 6   begins with "access to further and higher education sites remains a key issue . . " from the Council HQ.

  • Page 7  identifies "2.65% population growth over five years . .  "Is it sufficent increase to justify more local                    Higher Education?"

  • Page 8  and we hear that "very poor decisions have been made with regards to the business management side              of running universities.".

  • Page 9  identifies the lack of need when on each county border there is more than adequate university                          provision and where the production aspects of the areas by far exceed Herefordshire.

  • Page 10 shows the latest University Challenge.

  • Page 11 shows jamais la politesse   here but never.

1  Overview of the Hereford Journal letters

NUH = A New University for Hereford - the organsiation

Paragraphs are alphabetically identifed to ease referencing'


G    Can they please get their priorities right (re) another            futile and money-squandering exercise

J      (i)  It would be much wiser to (focus on) taking 14yrs+              kids and teaching them  . . .practical skills.

M    re J (i) the NUH is a separate issue which will                          come . . ., like it or not.

Q     There's (many) difficult questions to be . . . answered             . . .  when NUH speaks for itself on this page. In                  Hereford Journal.

Read the page here 

2  Hereford Journal page  The letters in full

If there is money to spare for such a doubtful undertaking as a local university, why are they making savage cuts in almost every other direction, and can they please get their priorities right before committing themselves to another futile and money-squandering exercise?

There's an abundance of difficult questions to be asked and answered concerning a university for Hereford.  Through the auspices of the Hereford Journal and working together, we'll help guide our aspirant undergraduates to a tailor-made university on their doorstep - after we have found answers from NUH itself on this page.

the NUH . .  will come . . ., like it or not.

Read the page here


3   . . more on my reply 


This is a call for the New University for Hereford  

to speak for itself on the HJ pages. Working together 

is key to the project once we know what we are 

dealing with.

Additional quotations and relevant text 

1    Difficult questions to be asked and answered

       1.2  What mix of higher education institutions do                        we want . . . ?  

        1.2.1  FE forgotten?  NUH aims to be an                                   important component of tertiary education.          

         1.5   . . how can we pay for it?   The fundamental                              question - answers?

2.1    a call to bring back polytechnics

5    Why a university in Herefordshire? 

         British universities must expand by 25%

Read the page here

4  The existing-education pages

4a Herefordshire & Ludlow College HLC page

This innovative college advertised  in the Hereford Journal, 9 April 2014 using a front and back cover feature. 

HLC liaises with the University of Worcester and the University of Warwick and has produced a range of courses . .   .

         Read the page here

4b - Health Care Undergraduate courses 

         University of Worcester 

5       Health and Social Care FdSc  - combined with                                      Herefordshire & Ludlow College

         Read the page  here



 5  A New University for Hereford   note

1     Mission

5     Securing the Future of Higher Education in                             England

6     Related questions 

9     Money matters

10   (Sustainable Development Advocacy)

11   The key benefits to Herefordshire

Read the page  here

6   Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy note

1   ... access to further and higher education sites remains a key issue  . . with many young people leaving the county altogether to undertake formal higher education.   

7   Educational developments (including higher education) will bolster and support local resources and strengths . . .

11   Improved and expanded higher education provision in Herefordshire is envisaged . . to help retain our young people and improve the skills base of the county. 

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7   The Herefordshire Council page 

1  Preliminaries

2  Herefordshire Partnership Quarterly Report - 2009

3  Herefordshire Partnership  Bulletin 2009  

4  How much interest?

5  Population comparison

6  Does Herefordshire need a university? population-wise

2.65% growth over five years . .  "Is it sufficent increase?

Read the page here

8   The McDonaldisation of universities


The rationalization of teaching has given birth to endless numbers of study modules in order to to serve straightforwardly economic ends (later) and to reduce thought merely to a quantifiable known-sum (QKS).   


I work at a prominent higher education institution, and can tell you that very poor decisions have been made with regards to the business management side of running universities, that's why they are struggling with cuts.

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9    Need for a university in Herefordshire? 

2   Enough universities already?   162 enough? 

     Herefordshire - one of three English counties not to have a university.

3   Like it or not   March 2014    

     Start of global Vice Chancellor search

4   However  a decline of 8 percent in the 16-18 cohort  

5   Money   £3-£4 million + £10-13 m + £50-£75 m

6   Minister to discuss future of higher 

     education - 25 May.

Here is a NUH study-topics model:


Read the page here

 9    Need for a university in Herefordshire? 

1   Towards a realistic model 

        This recycled model depicts the realism of the situation


W - Worcestershire

G - Gloucestershire

H - Herefordshire

C - Cardiff

B - Birmingham and gateway to the West Midlands                                               production heartland

where the focus is university provision and the production aspects of the areas

Read the page here

11   A University for Herefordshire -   - manners maketh man   Home page here

On which there are links to pages addressed to NUH.  There was no reply.



 A New University for Hereford is on its way, like it or lump it.  Your starter for ten.  Is there a university in Herefordshire? "No".  Good.  Next question.  Why does A New University for Hereford  refer to itself as "new".  "Don't know".  Good.  Nobody does. Nobody wants it.

                 ...... more questions ...

Your final question for grand slam.  What does horses for courses mean?  "It means that there's insufficient horses within Herefordshire for its own academic racecourse.  Furthermore, bringing them in from elsewhere is ridiculous."  Absolutely!

This is a challenge to the New University to defend itself.  It is also a challenge to readers.  Are we to shrug our shoulders at such a monstrous waste of money?  

read the page here



A cleverly-timed session.  Only the stalwarts will be there.  
Please attend the early Sunday morning session at the Hay-on-Wye Festval, 25 May here  whether you're agin the project or otherwise.  Otherwise, we'll see it arrive, like it or not!

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