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25 May 2014

A hidden set of pages sent to Herefordshire Council on 14 April 2014.  Hidden until content agreed via email/phone.  As there was no reply (No. 6 here)), the pages are now opened.


A letter in the Hereford Journal claims that a university for Hereford is not needed.  

Read it via the University Home page here. 

A distinction is made between Herefordshire and Hereford in the title of pages.  When shire  is included, the page is not directly concerned with the website devoted to  A New University Hereford .

The story starts with a letter claiming that a university for Hereford would be a huge folly here.  My reply is on board.

A University for Herefordshire - Hereford Journal/Times page  here

A New University Hereford here

A University for Herefordshire - Herefordshire & Ludlow College page here

Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2011 - 2031 here







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