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The University for Herefordshire reply letter ready for pasting

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Let A New University for Hereford  speak for itself   

Stephen Constance's letter of 9 April makes sense in the economic climate. His comments, however, will benefit readers after a more in-depth treatment based on evaluating A New University for Hereford  (NUH) website. Readers need not look for the website as they will find it and lots of relevant information and evaluation via  

We are informed by NUH that it " . . . will be working in close collaboration with Herefordshire College of Arts, Hereford & Ludlow College, and the Royal National College for the Blind to ensure that Herefordshire is recognized as a national centre of excellence in education."  I came into Higher Education from Further Education and part time degrees and firmly believe there should be as many routes as possible from FE to HE.  One of my pages looks at the innovative Hereford & Ludlow College which is already developing the pathway for those in F E to make the transition to H E.  The NUH should open its doors to those following that transition.

Jim McQuarrie's letter (16 April) suggests provision for practical skills for young people 14yrs+.  I taught within such provision from 1962 to 1965 as an untrained teacher with technical qualifications and would support future provision.  However, the NUH is a separate issue which will come to fruition, like it or not.  I have asked NUH about the route into it from FE only to be ignored.  

NUH needs people like Stephen Constance and Jim McQuarrie on its organisation team.  The practical issues need to be faced with feet-on-the-ground advice.  

There's an abundance of difficult questions to be asked and answered concerning a university for Hereford.  Through the auspices of the Hereford Journal and working together, we'll help guide our aspirant undergraduates to a tailor-made university on their doorstep - after we have found answers from NUH itself on this page.

Alan F Harrison (Prof, ret'd)

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