An exploration of the UK carer world

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Update 16 Dec

Producing a brief CV to cover an entire career was a challenge.  It can be sent to others and has no return link to this page.

It is here.

Enjoyed the Open Day and thanks for your time.

5 Dec


Thanks for phoning.  This page serves to collect preliminary notes.  Latest pages here.  Page started today.

Initial aims relative to making contact are:

  1. To establish person to person contact
  2. To ascertain the extent to which the unpaid carer is seen as an important dimension of courses
  3. To offer my services as appropriate
With thanks and best wishes.

Alan Harrison


Notes for my use

Simon Chippendale here  01242 715 126                 


Health and Social Care Practice 2014 Entry  here

             Programme Specifications

                            Health and Social Care Practice   Faculty responsible - Business and Professional Studies 

Health, Community and Social Care 2014 Entry   here   

           Programme Specifications  

                             Health Community and Social Care    Faculty responsible - Business and Professional Studies 

Work with Children, Young People, Families and their Carers (MSc) here

           Course map here

Postgraduate Course Maps and Module Descriptors

Work with Children Young People their Families and Carers Course Maps   here  source

Guidelines for Involving Children and Young People in Research  here  source

The psychological impacts on carers and families in managing the acute episodes of their clients/family members  here

Community Care Practice with Vulnerable Adults (BSc Hons / Uni Dip)   here

pagetop here