An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Preliminary aspects of improving the Carer World website    a hidden page   under construction from 9 10 2015 

Dear Mrs AC

 I hope you will be able to perform a routine task of going through this website checking each page.  On some pages, the check is that a few and specific items appear on the page.  All pages require the extraction of specific info.

Many sentences are presumed to be prefaced with or include the word    Please

  1. Click here  The header graphic [HG] is OK.  Although this graphic is on the Home page, it is used elsewhere.  Its abbreviation is HPHG

  2.  Under that is an array of pages.  Click them all in sequence. 
  4. You note that the first page  - Intro+  -  header graphic [HG} is the same as that on the Home page - HPHG.

  5. The next two pages hold a different page-specific HG  {PSHG] - calendar and ambulance

  6. Next - Broad aims - its HG = same as top part of HPHG.  This is known as default HG  [DHG]  See HG above on this page.

  7. All the remaining pages in this section hold DHG except Early words which holds HPHG

  8. The website is full of inconsistent HGs which is the purpose of this project to address.  There are many other inconsistencies to be dealt with at a later stage.  If you spot any, create a separate list

  9. Two years ago, a fault developed giving every page (c 250 pp) DHG.  Since then many more pages have been created mostly with PSHGs. 

  10. Let's look at detail.  You decide how best to deal with it.  Excel might be a good start. 

  11. Please start at the Home page and the columns on whatever system will include Page name,  HG type, Inconsistencies re HG, Other inconsistencies

  12. A new factor - URL specific identifier = URLSI

  13. The URL for this page is  but you look at it without the http://   The URLSI is typistac     ie you

  14. Get the feel of URLSIs by clicking pages already seen again.

  15. Then, on any page, click the  I. T. page = i-t, and every page to its right on the navigation bar - nav bar -  and see the variations which include   100, 140, counties, 600 etc

  16. This is why the system you create to record what you find needs a column headed URLSI

  17. And now takes stock of what you have seen.  Is it appropriate?  If in doubt have a look at Jobs at  the page  here.  There may be something else you could tackle.

  18. Assuming you have spent a good hour so far, let me know what you think.  If it's all inappropriate, I'll pay you for the time taken.

  19. If you'd like to go ahead, please tell me your hourly rate and how much time you can devote to the project in an average week   It makes sense for us to meet and go through anything unclear.  However, I hope that will be preceded by a page of your creation setting out what you have noted within the Home section of the website.

  20. As an optional extra, you may be able to relate any experience you, family members and/or friends have of being a carer within the family or professional situation.

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